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Straightish teaser

Okay, here is the video you have been asking me to post, its the video with the Guy from the Bi couple series, His girl friend dropped him off a few days after she shot with us, the deal was if we fucked her, we could have her Boy friends ass :) She specificaly asked us to FUCK HIM GOOD! hahah and I think we did fuck him much better than just good hahaha. He was nervous as fuck, but had a rock hard cock from the minute he walked into our house, we showed him an awesome time and he loved every second of it, I must say besides being super cute, he also had a beautiful body great cock, and the most delicious tight amazing ass we have had the pleasure of fucking in a long time :) enjoy, 

Twink Fuck Hole teaser

This is our second video with Jack Bailey, he was exactly as you would imagine, sweet cute and eager to get his hole crushed and filled with cum. His moaning and sub talking was so hot it made us both cum thick ropes of hot sticky cum deep in his sweet little twink ass. And yes you guessed it he wanted more, so we gave it to him with both barrels MaverickMen style lol. He is the quintessential YES SIR twink, and we loved him for it!

Hot Cherry Meow Meow teaser

For all of our awesome fans, Gay, straight, bicurious, straight curious, bisexual trisexual & sexually fluid “non judgmental fans” this ones for you lol 

Yup this is our second Bisexual video. If its not ur cup of Tea or should I say cup of pussy, then this videos not for you, so fair warning :) even tho I think its RIDICULOUS to have to say that, given how for eons homophobic straights have been telling the queer community who we can, and can not fuck lol 

We LOVED making this video with our beautifully deliciously sweet cherry girl CeeCee! Pronounced - (SEE SEE) She is not only HOT she’s also Bi and loves both men and women, but more importantly she and her boy friend, are HUGE MaverickMen fans, and yes we shot with her BF popping his cherry (coming soon)

We hope you will be leaving nice comments not judgmental nasty ones, after all there is a WORLD of porn out there for you to choose from, so if you don't like this video, feel free to watch another of our videos in our vast library of content or go to another site and support them, we will not judge YOU :P

Delicious Domination teaser

This video is pure PORN Gold, beautiful shot, with delicious close ups of penetration and raw lucious aggressive breeding. It’s easy to make a hot video when the chemistry is REAL. This sexy fucker is an amazing FUCK! We love having Hunter Vulpex over for the weekend, we always have a GREAT time, he’s fun, sexy, sweet, and MAN he is HOT in bed! The 3 of us came so many time we couldn’t keep track, this little stud can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and take dick like a pro, you will love this video or ur jizz back lol Enjoy

Anal Curiosity teaser

WOOF! This is a hot video, Landon is new to doing videos and as you can see, he is one sexy man. He’s tall lean with a hard body a sweet peach of an ass and a BIG beautiful cut cock…We had been chatting for a long while and he finally decided to dive into shooting some videos with us, and man I am so happy he did, especially since he prefers to top but was willing to let us have a crack at that sweet ass. This will be his first real hard core ass railing from two experienced men, and much to our delight, he was a natural, this guy turns out to be amazing in bed, lol you will love watching us make him moan as we pump his beautiful hole hard and deep.

Fuck Him Deep teaser

This is one of those super hot FAN FUCK videos….He’s been sending us clips and sexy texts to get us all hot and bothered so we would have him over, and it worked hahah--we love it when super fans finally get up the courage to cum shoot with us, this little QT pie was so much fun to train and fuck, he was so excited his cock was like IRON the entire time lol. He’s a moaner, loves verbal and man was his hole TIGHT! I know you will enjoy this fuck session, its fucking HOTTTTT!

Euro Hole teaser

MMMMMMmm WE love a sexy European accent and a delicious uncut cock, and when it comes with a tall lean hard tight body and a sweet tight hole, we are all over it. This hottie flew in just to get naked with us and have us own his holes. When we went to his room, he was obviously super horned up, he answered the door in his underwear, I immediately noticed a fat hard uncut cock through the front of his undies, spots of precum stains all over, so hot, we were not in the room ten seconds when he was all over us, kissing stroking us and moaning, so of course we got right into it, starting off with some serious making out, oral and ass eating then we went straight to his sweet tight hole.

Breed Me Deep Sir teaser

This is the first video with our super hot fuck buddy Charlie, he is so fucking yummy from head to feet, with a big dick, hard hairy ass, tight sexy body, and a beautiful face, what more could you ask for. We had a fun, hot, long sweaty few days fucking and sucking, and yes, breeding his holes. Filling him up with gallons of cum was our maverick mission lol, I know you will love getting off to this guy submitting to us as much as we did, enjoy.

Breed My Hairy Italian Hole teaser

This is our sexy friend, Frankie Delmarco. You can't go wrong with a verse and hung Italian stallion. He spent the weekend with us fucking, sucking, eating ass and getting filled up. We shot a few more with Frankie and we can't wait to share them all. Hey Keenan, thanks for lending us your hot lover. He's as fun and sexy as you are!

Pop My Porn Cherry teaser

Shooting with other open couples is one of our favorite things. It all began with Keenan’s lover Frankie contacting us to see if we’d be into shooting. Once we started chatting and sexting with Frankie we instantly knew he was a perfect match for us. He’s an Italian stud with a handsome face, big dick, hairy muscle bum and a sweet personality. Perfecto!

After Frankie got to know us better, he suggested that we also shoot scenes with his lover, Keenan. The pictures and video from this scene speak for themselves; Keenan is absolutely beautiful. Everything about him is extremely sexy but his gorgeous furry muscle ass is jaw-dropping hot! We’re excited to introduce you all to Keenan and Frankie. They each came out and spent a few days with us and we shot multiple scenes with each of them.

31 - 40 of 305