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Balls Deep in Beau teaser

Since you guys all loved our little country boy muscle pup Beau so much, we had him back for another round.  Admittedly, Hunter and I both wanted him back, too.  We just LOVE his adorable all-American look with his cute face, big blue eyes, and sweet smile.  Top off all that with an athletic body, nice cock that always shoots big loads, and the MOST DELICIOUS ASS ever and bam; instant MaverickMan material.  You will love this video.  It started off as a simple stroke vid, and then after watching him, Hunter and I had to nail Beau’s sweet hole.  I had the urge to stick my tongue deep in his ass, then one penis lead to another and we fucked his brains out in the chair.  Leave some love for Beau.  I know he’ll be reading the comments.  We want him back asap!

Fuck My Hole, Bro

We know how much you all like the newbies, so here’s a hot newbie, straight-ish sexy hot fucking fucker for you!  And YES; its a VIRGIN cherry pop video. We had been chatting with Carlos for a bit over two years and much to our delight he finally found his way to Boston to cash-in his V card with us.  Carlos spent three days with us and the minute he arrived there was instant chemistry.  He is such a beautiful guy and a real man’s man.  Carlos is tall, beefy, and strong with a deep voice, big green eyes, and a horse cock (WOOF!).  Oh, and he has one of the most stunning hairy muscle asses we’ve ever experienced.  He is exactly what we wanted him to be.  His kissing and oral skills were top notch but when it came to bottoming it was like going into war.  We had to battle his man ass for every inch of penetration and it was tough to drill deep, but eventually we got our hard cocks in and popped that cherry.  After all that ass-loving attention, Carlos has discovered that he is most DEFINITELY not a bottom!  So, for all you sexy hungry bottoms out there; you’re welcome.  We smithed another hot top for y’all.

Bi Boys Do It Better teaser

You all asked for it and here it is; more TOMMY BOY!  We brought sexy, bi-boy toy Tom back and spent the day treating him to some splash and tickle around the pool.  It started raining but that didn't stop us.  Filming in the rain in the pool wasn't easy but we feel like the finished product was so worth it.  Afterwards, we took Tom out to a pub and had some fun in the bathroom. Then, we took him back to our place for a serious ass fucking.  We love you, Tommy Boy!

OMG You're Gonna Kill My Colon teaser

There will always be something extra special about a straight, hung top that asks us to train him how to take hard cock in the ass.  When our favorite horse-hung top Dax surrendered his tight and hairy delicious man-hole as tribute to, we were MORE than happy to comply.  Dax is easily one of our favorite video pals.  He’s not only AMAZING in the sack, but he’s genuinely a sweetheart and so funny that he makes us want to cuff him to our bed for life.  Plus, this boy likes to make out like it’s prom night!  You’re gonna love watching us train him to bottom.  It was a struggle at first as he was literally screaming thru it, then came the moaning and then the laughing and THEN the squirting.

Dirty Little Cum Whore teaser

We have a special treat for all you dirty little cum whores out there!  This rare and recently discovered lost video is a serious find for us as I really thought it was lost forever.  This video is eight years old so it’s one of the first videos we shot.  This content was from when we were posting on Xtube only.  We had a contest for local Boston guys to submit a message to us telling us why they wanted to be in a video.  The winner would then get to star in a fuck video with us.  Here’s what Andy, the winner of the contest wrote:

Dear Cole and Hunter I want to be in a video with you men, first of all because I think you both are sex gods, and because I recently went thru a break up with a guy that kept me on a strict monogamy leash and hardly ever fucked me, now that after four years we are no longer together, I am ready to be the MaverickMens' dirty little cum whore. A little about me; I love it rough, I love it mean, and I love it aggressive.  I’m a nice guy and love to laugh.  I can take a cock like no other and I give awesome head.  Please consider me for a fuck video.  I know you will love my holes.  I promise I won’t disappoint.  PS - I have a gym in the basement of my house and it would be a dream come true if you guys would come work out with me and then work out my holes right on the gym floor, if you want.

After reading this, we both knew that Andy was the winner.  Do you think we should have another contest like this?

Power Bottom Boy teaser

This is a great opportunity to see how a fledgling porn star gets his first break in porn.  Joshua contacted us a while back and said he was interested in dipping his toe or in this case his cock into the porn industry.  He wanted his first time to be with us so we flew him in from the deep South so we could penetrate every hole he has.  Joshua is a true power bottom or as I like to call him, a BOSSY BOTTOM, lol.  Hunter and I usually pass on the power bottoms because they like to ride and be in charge and in all honesty we like to take charge and TOP.  But Joshua is SUCH a cutie so we let this boy get on top and ride out cocks for a bit and then we plowed his hot little southern boy ass.

Nailing Nate teaser

Every now and then, a sexy, fuzzy, hung puppy wanders into your life and you ask yourself, “Where have you been this whole time!?”.  Nate is that pup.  He has delicious furry ass and thick cock that's ready for vers action at a moment’s notice.  Pair up all that with an adorable giggle, big smile, and a propensity to bark like a pup during sex and you have HOT SEX!.  Y’all are gonna love watching us ravage and nail Nate.  We need more of him in our reality.  

Johnny Big Cock teaser

Get ready for one amazingly hot ass-stretching, cock-sucking, hole-devouring, cum-squirting good time! You’ll love watching tall and lean Johnny big cock getting ravished by us in every possible position.  Keep an eye out for the random looks of shock and ecstasy in his big blue eyes.  Some of hottest moments in this video are how Johnny looks up at us as we pound-out his beautiful ass.  Hunter and I both LOVED getting naked with Johnny boy.  He is a true sweet heart with an equally sweet all-day-buffet body.  Hey Johnny, if you’re reading this, come on back for part two!

Sit On My Cock And Pedal My Balls teaser

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! This video is deeeeeelicious!  I have to admit that I beat off to this video twice while editing.  I love thinking back to that hot and sweaty afternoon on the Cape with Hunter and I meeting up with Riley at a pool party.  Then we went for a long bike ride back to our place to fuck the brains out of his sweet hairy ass.  Hunter and I both love sex with Riley and the chemistry is so obvious in this video.  You’ll absolutely LOVE how we stretch his holes out and throat fuck Riley.  Hunter even managed to stick his cock in DP while Riley was riding me and moaning and purring like a big horny cat!

Latin Lion teaser

If you like an exotic and furry man with ripped body, a fat uncut cock, a delicious bubble ass, and big green eyes then you’ll love our boy, Adam.  We had been taking with him for a very long time and he finally told us he wanted to check the MaverickMen off his bucket list.  For Adam it wasn't too easy for a few reasons - firstly, because he's kinda shy but mostly because he prefers topping over bottoming.  I think we may have changed all that with the seriously hot fuck session we gave his beautiful little butt!  

41 - 50 of 220