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Nailing Nate teaser

Every now and then, a sexy, fuzzy, hung puppy wanders into your life and you ask yourself, “Where have you been this whole time!?”.  Nate is that pup.  He has delicious furry ass and thick cock that's ready for vers action at a moment’s notice.  Pair up all that with an adorable giggle, big smile, and a propensity to bark like a pup during sex and you have HOT SEX!.  Y’all are gonna love watching us ravage and nail Nate.  We need more of him in our reality.  

Johnny Big Cock teaser

Get ready for one amazingly hot ass-stretching, cock-sucking, hole-devouring, cum-squirting good time! You’ll love watching tall and lean Johnny big cock getting ravished by us in every possible position.  Keep an eye out for the random looks of shock and ecstasy in his big blue eyes.  Some of hottest moments in this video are how Johnny looks up at us as we pound-out his beautiful ass.  Hunter and I both LOVED getting naked with Johnny boy.  He is a true sweet heart with an equally sweet all-day-buffet body.  Hey Johnny, if you’re reading this, come on back for part two!

Sit On My Cock And Pedal My Balls teaser

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! This video is deeeeeelicious!  I have to admit that I beat off to this video twice while editing.  I love thinking back to that hot and sweaty afternoon on the Cape with Hunter and I meeting up with Riley at a pool party.  Then we went for a long bike ride back to our place to fuck the brains out of his sweet hairy ass.  Hunter and I both love sex with Riley and the chemistry is so obvious in this video.  You’ll absolutely LOVE how we stretch his holes out and throat fuck Riley.  Hunter even managed to stick his cock in DP while Riley was riding me and moaning and purring like a big horny cat!

Latin Lion teaser

If you like an exotic and furry man with ripped body, a fat uncut cock, a delicious bubble ass, and big green eyes then you’ll love our boy, Adam.  We had been taking with him for a very long time and he finally told us he wanted to check the MaverickMen off his bucket list.  For Adam it wasn't too easy for a few reasons - firstly, because he's kinda shy but mostly because he prefers topping over bottoming.  I think we may have changed all that with the seriously hot fuck session we gave his beautiful little butt!  

Banging Beau teaser

This is yet another sticky, truly hot, ass-fucking video gem!  If you like the all American farm boy type (woof!), then you'll love Beau.  He's fucking adorable with his big blue eye, blonde hair, and naturally hairless chest.  Beau is a serious pretty boy and when Hunter and I took one look at him, we wanted to devour him.  So, WE DID!  We had Beau over for two days of hard-core raw-ass penetration.  It's rare that you find a cutie like this that says he wants to get fucked long and hard then actually steps up to the plate and follows thru.  You'll love Beau when you see him riding and grinding his sweet little bubble ass deep down and hard on both our cocks.  Leave him some love here under this video and let him know if you want him to come back for another round.

Hate Fuck Me: A Booty Warrior's Tail teaser

OMG! This video is chock-full of sexual insanity!  We met Ren a month before making this video when we shot him topping our friend Dirk for MaverickMenDirects.  That’s when we learned that Ren is truly sexually uninhibited (woof!).  He’s a true freak in the sheets!  We did things with Ren that we had never done with anyone before.  Let us know what you think and leave some comment love under the video for Ren.  I know he’ll be reading them for sure (with his fat banana cock in his hand).  We love you, Ren!

Stretch My Hairy Hole teaser

You’ll love this hot little fucker named, Levi.  He’s the perfect MaverickMen match; he’s fucking adorable with his pouty lips, big brown eyes, BEAUTIFUL and delicious furry ass, and thick man legs.  Levi has yet another winning quality; he was ready and eager to be trained on all things sexual.  I thought he might be good sex by how passionately he kissed, but I was still surprised at how quickly he learned.  To me there’s nothing hotter than a cute boy that loves to kiss a moan while getting fucked.  You’re gonna love cutie-pa-tootie Levi.  We’ve made several vids with him and he looks different in all of them because he can grow a big beard and bushy hair in a week.  This boy is full of testosterone.

Golden Boy Torture Toy teaser

I called this video “Golden Boy Torture Toy” because Hunter and I both think meeting Vic was a golden moment in time.  We had such a great time with him and we grew very close.  We took him traveling and sight seeing and we always had an amazing time.  The torture bit in the title comes from him cutting ties with us because he met someone else, at least that’s what we suspect, lol.  Such is life and Vic has his own to live.  Another special bit about this vid; we filmed it entirely with my iPhone.  I am super surprised how great it came out.  You will love this aggressive fuck video!

Fuck My Beefy Latin Ass teaser

Herrrrrrrrre’s the BEEF!  For those of you that enjoy thick, Latin bubble-butts, you’re going to love this one.  We were contacted by this guy saying he’d love to lend us his boyfriend to do a video.  At first, it seemed too good to be true, but then he went on to tell us that his bf is big fan but was just too shy to reach out to us.  So we chatted with them for several months and it turns out they have a wonderfully open sex life.  We took the boys out for dinner and quickly realized that they are just fun-loving, sex-positive guys looking for some excitement (just like us!).  We had an AWESOME fuck session and you’re gonna love this sexy, beefy bottom-boy.  He loved to take dick deep while talking dirty.  Yum!  We hope this sexy daddy will loan-out his boy to us again soon!

Magic Pumpkin Butt teaser

Happy Halloween, beasts and ghouls!  Here's a special Halloween freebie vid just for you wonderful and supportive fans.  You'll looooove this delicious muscle-butt ginger pumpkin pie (we sure as fuck did!).  We think you'll find it quite delicious and certain to make your Halloweenie howl with pleasure!

41 - 50 of 214