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Fuck Me and Cover Me In Cum teaser

We always love hanging out with our buddy, Anthony. He’s always awesome sex. He likes to bottom for us because he says we know how to lay the pipe like professionals. When he recently texted us and said he was in need of a two-cock dick-down, we ran over to his place and delivered. It was a raw, hard and deep fucking with lots of making out, sucking cock, and rimming that sweet, muscular ass. After, we even got naked out on the balcony for all the world to see.

Bang Me Out Before You Go Go teaser

Hunter and I have made it no secret that we LOVE go-go boys! When we were asked to host a Best But contest at Club EGO in Rhode Island, we jumped at the chance and as usual we had a blast.  This particular time we met Caramel Carl, a super cute and sexy go-go twink.  We invited him to be in a video and much to our delight he said yes. What happened after we got him back to our house was nothing short of deeeeelicious. He gave us us both lap dances and even danced my cock into his hole as I kicked back, lol.

The Amazing Singing Breeding Bottom Boy teaser

So, we’ve kinda changed our dirty little tune from Not-in-the-hole-Cole to okay, lets give it a try and see what all the hubbub is about! This is our very first breeding video for all you nasty little piggies out there.  While we’ve always been hesitant to show breeding in our vids, the reality is that more of you are doing it now than ever. As such, we feel obligated to show you how we responsibly approach breeding. As has always been the case with us, when fucking condomless (and possibly breeding), it’s necessary to have an honest dialogue with your partners about testing and STI status. You can do a google search and in seconds find out about the free testing clinics in your neighborhood. If you’re gonna breed, you have to get tested frequently.

That said, this is Chase and he is one of the hottest little pigs that Hunter and I have ever met.  Since this is a special vid for us, we took Chase to a very special place; The Rainbow Mountain Resort in the Poconos. Hit us up if you want more info on the campground as we’ve become friendly with the owners and we plan to go back again soon this summer.

Two Guys One Teen teaser

We met Xander thru a friend that told us we had to fuck him.  Xander is an eighteen year old beauty that was dying to be in a video with us.  When we first met him, I just had to photograph him in the sunlight to show what beautiful eyes he has, not to mention his lean and mean body and delicious bubble butt.  Xander is a moaner and I find it so hot when a bottom moans with pleasure as you fuck his ass; it’s one of the biggest complements a top can get.  We had such a great time shooting with him that we hooked him up with another friend of ours, Dirk.

Muscle Stud Cherry Pop teaser

It’s time for a brand-spanking-new virgin cherry pop video! These are some of our favorite vids to shoot for many reasons. I love training guys how to explore the hidden pleasures of anal sex and things like where exactly the prostate is located and how to stimulate it during sex to create a very intense orgasmic experience.  We love showing how to be submissive and vulnerable without shame or distress, and thru example give him the confidence to teach other guys how its done.  This was Stefan’s very first receiving-anal scene as he is truly straight and only has sex with men for video (he’s topped a few times before).  Getting him to give it a try was easy because he wanted to explore that area with experienced men.  Woof!  Stefan’s legs were so thick and muscly that it was almost dangerous to stick your tongue in his ass because he’d jump and kick so fast and hard.  But it was all worth it because eating a jacked muscle ass is one of life’s great pleasures!

Fuck The Cum Out Of Me teaser

As usual, our boy Anthony knocked it out the park with an amazing MaverickMen sex session.  Anthony’s comfortable in his own skin, wether he’s topping or bottoming; the boy knows what-the-fuck he’s doing!  We’re always happy to share his skills with you (while we devour every inch of his tall, muscular body, muscle ass, and big cock!).

Cuddle and Fuck teaser

Let me start of by saying that there are no less than six cum shots squirted throughout this insanely hot video.  I was going thru all my footage of our super adorable boy toy Vic and found all this hot raw action.  We shot it all over one long winter weekend where we slept in late and cuddled-up with Vic.  We named Vic our “Golden Boy” back in the day and we still stand by it because he’s such a cute and sweet pup.  Hopefully we’ll reconnect with Vic again soon so we can have more fun times like these.

Jado The Cum Volcano teaser

I’m just so excited to share this video! Hunter and I had such a hot HOT hot time with Jado.  I met him two years ago and we clicked right away.  He was into trying out a video, so we first shot a hot stroke vid soon to be posted on  Then he came back after Hunter got home and the chemistry was instant.  We could have fucked all night and into the next.  Jado is one of those handsome, masculine, and always-smiling guys with a big personality that exudes sex appeal.  We absolutely didn’t get enough with him the first time and we hope to have him back again and again (and again).

Bang My Holes teaser

There's nothing like a super cute and eager cum-hound bottom to make your day.  This video’s from several years ago when we went back to Colorado to see our tight bottom boy, Liam.  We’ve done a few videos with him and he never fails to please us.  He stopped over to our hotel to give up his throat and ass, and man it was awesome.  He gave us his sweet tight ginger hole like a pro, then he drained our loads and left us soaked in sweat and smiles. 

Raw Dawggin' On The Kitchen Floor teaser

We met Hoytt a while back with our sexy boy, Riley.  We filmed them doing a fuck video together where Hoytt topped Riley and it was pretty fucking hot.  I asked Hoytt if he liked to bottom and he said we would for us.  Woof!  This vid shows just how turned on we all were; when Hoytt stepped into our kitchen looking sexy as fuck, we knew we had to have him right then and there.  As quick as you could say “bend over”, we were face fucking him and pulling his pants down to eat that hairy man ass.  Then we fucked him right there on the kitchen floor.  We both came all over his face and beard and left him face-down, ass-up and covered in sweat and jizz with a big smile on his sexy face.

31 - 40 of 239