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Bang My Holes teaser

There's nothing like a super cute and eager cum-hound bottom to make your day.  This video’s from several years ago when we went back to Colorado to see our tight bottom boy, Liam.  We’ve done a few videos with him and he never fails to please us.  He stopped over to our hotel to give up his throat and ass, and man it was awesome.  He gave us his sweet tight ginger hole like a pro, then he drained our loads and left us soaked in sweat and smiles. 

Raw Dawggin' On The Kitchen Floor teaser

We met Hoytt a while back with our sexy boy, Riley.  We filmed them doing a fuck video together where Hoytt topped Riley and it was pretty fucking hot.  I asked Hoytt if he liked to bottom and he said we would for us.  Woof!  This vid shows just how turned on we all were; when Hoytt stepped into our kitchen looking sexy as fuck, we knew we had to have him right then and there.  As quick as you could say “bend over”, we were face fucking him and pulling his pants down to eat that hairy man ass.  Then we fucked him right there on the kitchen floor.  We both came all over his face and beard and left him face-down, ass-up and covered in sweat and jizz with a big smile on his sexy face.

Big Butt Muscle Fuck teaser

Yup, y’all have been asking for more Sean so here you are, and this time around he’s bearded and more jacked than the last vid, woof!  Sean flew in for the weekend to hang out, eat pizza, drink a few beers, and get his hot muscular hole hammered by us.  We just love hanging out with Sean.  He’s super funny and easy going and when he gets in the zone he’s pretty fucking awesome sex!  We will absolutely shoot more fuck videos with this muscle boy.

Little Pink Twink Hole teaser

If you like to see two big guys use an adorable eighteen year old twink, then you’ll LOVE this one!  This delicious little pink twink named Nixon showed-up on our doorstep in his preppy outfit with a big smile and eager-to-satisfy attitude.  We fucked his little brains out!  His was one of the tightest little holes we’ve stretched out.  The only sad thing about this video; we fucked him so deep and so hard that we over-stimulated his little prostate and he couldn’t cum, but I’m happy to say that Hunter and I sure as fuck did!

Little Muscle Pup Fuck teaser

It had been a while since we’ve seen our super cute muscle pup, Archer.  He messaged us saying he’s been really pumping the iron.  Naturally, we were very excited to see his progress in person (Grrrrr).  And WOW, he must have put on fifteen pounds of muscle, hence the new nickname, Little Muscle Pup. Not only has Archer been working hard on his muscle bod, his skills in the bedroom have become epic!  He asked if we would like to meet and shoot with his new super hot boyfriend, but that’s another video. 

Brazilian Sicilian teaser

We are excited to introduce you to our super sexy Brazilian Sicilian bud, Joey.  He’s a dreamy little tight-bodied cup cake with big beautiful eyes, sexy lips, a sweet hard ass and big cock.  We love this fucker, especially when we get him moaning, and Joey loves guys that take charge to use and abuse him.  He melted the instant we all started kissing and when I discovered his plump and sensitive nipples, he was putty in our hands.  Woof!  We all got lost in the lust.

Anal Raiders teaser

Dirk is back by popular demand and he’s hotter and hairier than ever!  I know for sure you’ll love this one; its rough and loud with hard-core doggie anal and lots of hair pulling.  This vid really showcases the chemistry we have with this hot, hung, and hairy bubble-butt sex machine.  While you watch this, keep in mind that Dirk insists that he only lets Hunter and I fuck him.  He’s usually the top when he gets naked with a guy.  We both love hanging with Dirk.  We could spend all day long with him smoking, laughing, and fucking!

Last Crack at Dax teaser

One of our most favorite hung tops is back!  Only this time, he’s giving up his crack for the very last time.  Our boy Dax has retired from adult cinema.  As you may already know, Dax has serious skills for a straight guy.  He’s always full of surprises; from his ability to fuck and cum and fuck and cum again, to his eagerness to kiss and suck man cock, lol.  We do have a few more videos with Dax from last year and they’ll be up on MaverickMenDirects soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this ass-opening, man-moaning, cum-squirting MaverickMen video.

Little Pig, Little Pig, Let Us In teaser

Here is another classic from the vault and its actually a double feature New Year’s surprise! One of the videos was shot late at night after we were buzzed from the club and the other we shot the next morning, so you get twice as many cum shots and ass fucking!  This particular video is from five years ago. We met this little twink pig out at the club and he wanted the dicks more than life itself.  As you’ll see in the video, we didn’t have time to test him, so we used condoms.  This little pig LOVES to get pounded and LOVES to gobble up every drop of sweat and cum.

Fill My Hetero Hole teaser

When we first met tall, lean, super-hung, beautiful Austin, we were blown away at how sweet he was.  We were all hanging out in the house when I heard straight porn playing from one of the other rooms.  When I got up to see who was watching it, I found Austin stroking his huge beautiful cock.  I asked him if we could help him shoot his load and he very shyly whispered, “yes”.  We took took him into the bedroom where we explored every nook and cranny of his straight boy body.  We both had to take the time to really eat Austin’s sweet hole.  We fucked his super tight straight boy hole till we all blasted and had a laugh.  My favorite part about this video (other than fucking was discovering how ticklish he is!  I tickle-tortured him several times before, during, and after orgasm and he pretty much hated it but I LOVED it!

31 - 40 of 231