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Pound My Straight Hole teaser

I have to confess; when we shot this video, it was late at night we were kinda buzzed and I wasn’t really in the mood.  I honestly wasn’t sure if the chemistry was really there between all of us but after a few minutes of chatting up straight boy Gauge, we realized how much we wanted to pound his hairy ass, and FUCK did we ever!  Not only did we force our cocks down his throat but we railed him without mercy and he didn’t complain once.  Side note; our boy Ren was there during the shoot and prior to it he had been drooling over Gauge so he asked if he could be our Pig Extra for the shoot (which entails licking and sucking up every drop of cum that was left over on Gauge’s freshly fucked gaping asshole!).  This flick gets a Woof and an Oink!

Latin Muscle Butt Fuck teaser

Just when I think I can’t possibly be surprised by anyone else, sexually speaking, we meet Tony.  When we first met this guy in the parking lot, I just assumed he was a sweaty straight boy out for a run.  Then, when I noticed he was looking at us with his hands down his shorts with what looked like a big raging hard-on, I knew he was for us.  Tony is a beefy latin muscle pup with a hot hard gym body, naturally hairless chest and ass, beautifully tan skin, and a delicious thick hard uncut cock that seemed to endlessly drip delicious pre-cum.  I had no idea he was so inexperienced in the ways of man sex until we stripped him down and got him on his knees.  This Latin beauty was so turned on that two minutes into Hunter penetrating his ass he started cuming hands free.

Lunge, Squat, Fuck teaser

After Sean’s solo stroke vid blew up on MaverickMenDirects, you all demanded that we get him back for a MaverickMen vid, so here you have it! In this vid, we really got to know straight boy, Sean.  We fell in love with his macho-yet-sweet persona.  Once he felt comfortable around us, he opened up (heh) in every way imaginable.  When we started filming, our boy Dax happened to be sitting in the living room and he got so turned on watching us play with Sean that he jumped up and blew his load on all of us and then just walked away.  Fuck, we love fucking with straight boys!

Sweet Little Hole teaser

Man oh man, we really enjoyed doing this video with our pocket-sized buddy, Jason.  He came by our place to do a solo stroke video while Hunter was away and he was just way too cute for words.  I had to really restrain myself from fucking his sweet little ass right then and there.  So, I made Jason promise to cum back and meet Hunter and do a fuck video with us.  He has the most beautiful alabaster skin; its so smooth and white like freshly fallen snow with just the right sprinkling of freckles.  We basically ate him alive like a delicious vanilla cupcake with strawberry cream frosting.  We snacked on his delicious ass for a while, then we forced our cocks down his tight little throat and finally violated his sweet delicious little pink starfish.  At the end of the video, there’s an amazing facial cum splash down all over his face.  To this day, all I have to do is think about that moment and it makes my cock hard.  

Fuck Me Right Fucking Now teaser

After editing this video, “WOW” is all I can say!  Without hesitation, Jason is one of the hottest bottom boys we’ve ever railed the fuck out of, lol.  He’s so fun and nice and super skilled for a 20 year old.  Jason can take dick like no other.  We railed this guy for so long and so hard in every position and he just wanted more and more.  We can’t wait to have this super-cute, all-american cupcake back to our place.

Little Red Riding Cock And The Big Bad DILFS teaser

OMG! I have to confess; after this video, Hunter and I have come to realize that we are REDOPHILES!  Our boy toy Red came by to show off his big new ginger ass.  Man, he’s been working-out that alabaster muscle ass so hard that it's now a perfect work of ginger art and should be housed in a museum (or kept chained up in our place).  Red stripped-down for us and jumped into our bed.  One look at his tight little stud physique and we dove right in and starting devouring him.  THEN, I realized we didn't turn on the camera, so we backed off, took a breath, and turned on the camera and went to work fucking this boy into oblivion!  

Big Bearded Beauty teaser

We just had to share this delicious video featuring our super sexy bud, Kyle.  We had so much fun with him in his first video with us popping his cherry that we just had to make another.  In this one, Kyle shares his secret sexual fantasies with us.  He asked us to play along.  Man, do we love to roll-play.  Kyle always wanted to try shower sex and he'd always been into trying-on jock straps, underwear and sports wear.  So, this video is one of those MaverickMen classics that has it all; cock sucking training lessons, deep hard anal, facials and best of all, humor.  We've always said that sex without fun and humor isn't sex.

Anal Surrender teaser

Hey Guys we got so much fan mail about our furry little virgin pup Levi that we knew we had to have him back for more action. I'm happy to tell you that this time we really laid into him with some serious ass and throat fucking, especially since he is no longer a virgin and loves to FUCK!  Levi’s a true sex pup now.  We’ve watched him bottom and top for the first times and I can def say the boy is excellent sex.  But even if he wasn’t, he’s just so fucking cute to look at that it really wouldn’t matter to us, lol.  We could have kissed his cute little face and sexy lips ate his delicious ass and snuggled him and that would’ve been just fine with us, but thankfully Levi also wanted a hot, cum-splashing, ass-fucking, throat-pounding good time!  Keep an eye out for the HUGE double facials we gave him; he looked like a cream-frosted pop tart!

Fuck Me In The Back Seat teaser

This is the first of three videos we did with sexy, Caleb.  We took him on vacation with us where we rented a house with a pool and it was a blast.  But, we quickly discovered that Caleb LOVES to have sex in unusual places like cars, by the pool, and outside where you could possibly get caught.  Naturally, we had to fulfill his fantasies.  We agreed to get in our car and drive out to meet up with Caleb after he took a long sweaty run while wearing a jock strap.  When we picked up Caleb he was already hard and jumped right in the car and started sucking our cocks.  We drove around and found a spot up in the hills to park and fuck.  And fuck is what we did; we fucked him in the front seat, the back seat, and even the on hood of the car, lol.  We nailed his sweet hairy soccer butt so deep and so hard in every position and then we took him back to the house and fucked again

How To Stuff A Hairy Brazilian Ass teaser

Our boy Mikey is back and hotter than ever.  About five years ago, Mikey came to visit us in Boston to have his virgin cherry popped.  That was his first time with a man and his first time doing a video.  This time, Mikey was a lot more experienced and a lot more eager to enjoy man sex.  We discovered that Mikey has a very hot and interesting way to suck dick; he kind of lightly chews on the shaft and head just hard enough so you feel the pressure and his teeth and just easy enough that it feels fucking awesome.  He looks like a hamster nibbling on a stick, lol.  Mikey also has his PhD in rimming ass, woof!  We loved man handling Mikey again.  It was so hot revisiting that hard and hairy ass again after so long.

31 - 40 of 220