When Straight Boys Fuck Each Other teaser

  • Released: 12/21/14
  • Length: 7 mins
  • Views: 38763

This truly is one of those videos that has to be seen to be believed. Any time that I say the guy is straight, everyone always groans and says, “How the fuck can he be straight if he is drinking cum and taking it up the ass like a pro!?”  Okay, so these guys are straight-ish!  They love pussy but will get down and nasty with men for green backs and once they’ve had a few beers, they rapidly become gay-ish.  For these MMD shoots, we have it made because we get these hot guys that our business partners pay for us to direct.  How the hell could we say no to that!?  When I get two pre-paid gay-for-pay guys together for a shoot, it’s usually a ton of work, but not this time.  Eli Hunter is a serious porn professional; he can top or bottom like a pro and he can get off to it.  Then, take this this other guy, Lucas Cuntface or something, who whined and complained the entire shoot.  So, of course I had to talk him into doing some of the nastiest stuff I could dream-up.  For instance, licking a puddle of just splattered cum up off the freshly-fucked ass crack of Eli.  You will love it (we sure as fuck did!).  The way these two straight boys fuck each other in the ass makes me seriously rethinking what “straight” really means.  What do you think?