Tell Me What To Do Sir teaser

  • Released: 05/13/20
  • Views: 34340

Lately when I meet a guy that wants to be in a video, I first have them do a solo stroke video. I do this for a few reasons, first to see if they are serious about shooting an actual “fuck video” to make sure the camera likes them, and basically to see what they look and act like on camera. I love solo stroke videos, to me there is something very hot about watching and filming them in a very intimate setting, and especially with a guy that says “ just tell me what you want me to do sir” lol especially when the guy is straight or bisexual or an excited newbie like this guy, this was the first time I met him, we have since fucked and made a few hot videos…, I thought you guys would enjoy seeing this original, morning session with the sun streaming in, watching his face and seeing him shoot gobs and gobs of thick cum, I know i did :) best part for me, is the face, I love watching a guys facial expressions as he jerks off and shoots a big load, mmm mmm, enjoy!