Straight Guy Jerks Off In My Face teaser

  • Released: 12/18/20
  • Views: 33197

I shot this video many years ago, and just found it in my files… My buddy is a straight guy, like really straight lol. I know him very well I would absolutely call him a close friend, and I've always found him super sexy. Very conservative, but after asking him a hundred times to be in a video he finally said, “Okay I will jerk off on camera for you Cole but that’s it!”
I quickly negotiated a facial out of the deal and WOW, literally this was my first facial, and let me tell you he speckled my entire face there was so much cum. I started laughing as I was drowning in his jizz, he then came back another day to suggest I film him bustin on my glass coffee table as I filmed it from underneath. Since his cum spurts are so epic I knew it would be amazing to behold, and sure enough, he never disappoints with his huge cock and epic cum shots, just spurts and spurts of hot ropes of cum, and you know I LOVE a big shooter…We hope you will enjoy this hot DOUBLE stroke video.