Leo's Big Fuck Stick teaser

  • Released: 07/29/20
  • Views: 34639

We met Leo and his big fuck stick through our friend Riley of Ramming Riley fame lol. When he stopped over to introduce him to us, I Immediately felt the vibe of his confidence & sex-appeal, he was very much into shooting videos. After a few minutes of talking, I could tell he was a sex positive free spirit. Every now and then I come across a guy that just loves sex and has no problem at all topping or bottoming, being Dom or Sub, this is what I call a porn unicorn lol. But when you add humor and intelligence to that sexy mix you have a winner–for me one of the hottest parts of this video is the conversation between us about the psychology of sexual dominance, degradation, and just hot moments that shape us sexually. You will love watching Leo stroke that big hot uncut cock, pay particular attention to his smoldering eyes as he looks at the camera and strokes that big cock as i finger his hole to get him to shoot a massive load, hot hot hot