Hole Invasion teaser

  • Released: 04/03/20
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As far as fantasies goes this is a hot one. You are home alone taking a nice soapy warm shower, playing with ur cock and hole getting all horned up, you are unaware that a man has snuck into the bathroom… wearing only a ski mask and a big fat hard cock, he quietly closes the door behind him, he has you! You are now alone in the bathroom, the intruder is naked and rock hard dripping precum, He is watching you shower, you know you are trapped, he pulls the shower curtain back, and takes control, he uses you as he pleases already warm wet & soaped up you are his for the taking….After the initial shock, he pushes you down on ur knees to throat fuck you, as u look up into his masked face, he roughly fucks his huge hard cock deep in ur ass while holding u by the hair, you are helpless as he uses your holes hard and deep till that moment of release, when he fills you with his load shooting hot ropes of salty cum up in you, leaving you shocked and exhausted, in a wet, cum soaked heap on the bathroom floor, you sit there quietly on the bathroom floor as he looks down at you with a grin of satisfaction, you say nothing, you are to drained of energy and cum, to say or do anything, as he moves onto fuck ur unsuspecting roomate, you quietly hope he comes back another day to take what he wants… in the other room you hear ur roomate in a scared voice say “yes sir anything you want, I will cooperate”.