Bi Boi Stroke teaser

  • Released: 09/29/20
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This is the first of three videos we shot with our bisexual new buddy, Johnny. His girlfriend Cee-Cee contacted us saying what a fan she was and that she and Johnny frequently watch our videos together just before they fuck. She asked if we would ever fuck a woman on camera and we said it was a possibility. Then Cee-Cee offered her boyfriend's ass to us, only after we fuck her. We went back and forth a bit then decided on fucking Johnny first, then her, lol. She sent Johnny over to us and we started with a solo stroke video (this very video you're about to watch). Hunter and I are both very turned on by Johnny and shooting his stroke vid really made us want his ass even more. We finally got him over for a fuck vid (stay tuned to for that one). It was a huge success and we are already planning our next shoot with him. Then, we finally got together with both of them and the fucking was insane! That video too will soon be released on

Thanks for stroking with us,

Cole and Hunter