Banana Nut Breed teaser

  • Released: 02/27/20
  • Views: 50830

We are excited to share this reunion between two kinky sexy fucks, Ren and Dirk, we filmed them together a few years ago, in a video called Chocolate Banana Cream, and for the reunion we let them name this video and they came up with this hilarious title, Banana nut Breed! These two sexy fucks never fail to entertain, Ren was lazer focused on getting his entire fucking head up Dirk's hairy tight ass, at one point Ren was ramming his tongue so deep and so far up Dirk's ass, I was sure Ren’s tongue was going to pop out of Dirk's mouth.. after what seemed like an hour long ass eating rim job session, Ren slid his thick long throbbing banana shaped cock deep in Dirk's hole, breeding him deep while Dirk squealed in lust, this is one fun hot flick. Enjoy