The qualifications are simple; you must be NICE! And obviously we want you to be in good shape, and be willing to bottom or at least try. Age is not important - as long as you are eighteen years or older and can bring sexy back to the table - but, your body must be in good shape!

A few things to remember: We LOVE all kinds of guys, but we really LOVE submissive guys, especially ones that are willing to be submissive for us. We LOVE hairy legs, ass, bush – the more man fuzz the better! But if you’re rocking the natural hairless body thing, we are into that too!


  1. You MUST be EIGHTEEN years of age or older and be ready to show LEGAL proof upon request
  2. Submit SEVERAL RECENT well-lit face, body (full frontal and profile), ass, cock (soft & hard) pics
  3. Submit your exact stats (height and weight) and location
  4. Include a message telling us a bit about yourself and why you would like to be in a video with us
  5. To ensure that you’re real, we require one photo of you holding up a HAND-WRITTEN note that reads, “I love"
  6. We DO NOT do masked vids! Well, unless you’re willing to get severely punish-fucked AND you’re muscular, ripped, hairy and hung to the point that our fans wont care if you have a head or not, lol. then maybe ;)
  7. PLEASE remember; if you can’t follow the above steps and submit bad pics, then chances are we won’t get back to you. Something that gets our attention right away is a clear, well-lit short video messages to us saying something like, “Hi Maverick Men, I want to come do a video.” Then show us your hot body!
  8. If you have any other questions, then shoot us an e-mail.
  9. We contact everyone brave enough to step-up and submit their pics and info, but if you submit headless, blurry or dimly-lit pics, we will not get back to you.
  10. THANK YOU for even considering doing a video with us! It’s super flattering and we greatly respect you for having the balls to step-up and be a MAVERICK MAN!
  11. Please make sure to include your email address or else we can’t get back to you!

Please submit your name/stats and at least 4 pictures to