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The Devil Made Us Do Him

Released: 09/12/18
Length: 38min. 7sec.


Since our favorite holiday Halloween is just around the corner, we're treating you to some red-hot superhero muscle ass! We met this muscle stud in Florida and he's been a big fan for years and has always wanted to do a video with us. Since it's the Halloween season (almost) and since he loves superheroes, we agreed to let him wear his devil mask. To be honest, with a jacked muscle body and solid steel ass we couldn't have cared less if he wanted to wear a pumpkin on his head, lol. But don't get it twisted - we don't want or like guys wearing masks in our videos and that's why we SERIOUSLY fucked the hell out of him as punishment.


Comments: 2

jbl328 (09/20/18)
I haven't joined your site in months but this clip(alone) was definitely worth every penny

areless (09/19/18)
Love love love the ass to mouth

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