Shut The Fuck Up & Fuck Teaser

  • Released: 01/21/15
  • Length: 4 mins
  • Views: 8088

As is usually the case, we couldn’t keep our dicks in our pants while shooting this one.  We were held-up in a friend’s garage waiting for the rain to stop so we cracked a few beers and had a few laughs.  Everyone was grabbing their dicks and giving looks.  Our super sexy friend PJ whips-out his fat 2x4 cock and starts getting head from monster cock number-two, Joey.  Watched these two go at it got us all hot to shoot our loads.  As we continued to watch and record, I felt my zipper getting pulled down by Little Wolf and he pulled out my cock and started sucking.  We watched PJ slowly work his big fuck stick deep into Joey’s hairy hole and then realized we had to get in on the action, too.