How To Make Straight Guys Fuck Each Other teaser

  • Released: 05/07/18
  • Length: 3 mins
  • Views: 7982

I LOVE getting straight boys to fuck each other. I love watching how things pan out; who maintains their straightness and who is a blossoming closet bottom, lol. In this vid, we paired-up super sexy straight boy Sean with delicious thick-dicked straight boy, Austin. You will love watching Austin slide his thick meat stick up Sean's ass, especially as Sean squeals and moans in delight. A few wild things happened as I was filming them; I realized that both straight guys had never eaten ass or had their asses eaten. Naturally, I had to show them how it's done. Also, I had to teach then the proper way to worship a cock. Much to their credit, they were quick studies. And then, Dax Daniels walked in the house during filming and I made him whip his monster cock out for the camera. Finally, just after Austin shot a thick hot load of jizz in and all over Sean's gaping ass hole, we commanded Ren to lick and suck his hole clean. Wow!