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Muscle Stud Cherry Pop

Released: 07/06/17
Length: 40min. 31sec.


It’s time for a brand-spanking-new virgin cherry pop video! These are some of our favorite vids to shoot for many reasons. I love training guys how to explore the hidden pleasures of anal sex and things like where exactly the prostate is located and how to stimulate it during sex to create a very intense orgasmic experience.  We love showing how to be submissive and vulnerable without shame or distress, and thru example give him the confidence to teach other guys how its done.  This was Stefan’s very first receiving-anal scene as he is truly straight and only has sex with men for video (he’s topped a few times before).  Getting him to give it a try was easy because he wanted to explore that area with experienced men.  Woof!  Stefan’s legs were so thick and muscly that it was almost dangerous to stick your tongue in his ass because he’d jump and kick so fast and hard.  But it was all worth it because eating a jacked muscle ass is one of life’s great pleasures!


Comments: 2

seantrinity (07/14/17)
His body is a work of art.

cr0ssingb0ricua (07/13/17)
I'd love to be that piece of ass! Damn yo.

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