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Let's Fuck Scotty

Released: 03/13/18
Length: 52min. 18sec.


I have to confess; I thought this video was going to be a dud. That's why I sat on it for so long, but now after reviewing the footage I can't believe how super fucking nasty hot it is! I jerked off twice while editing it. Scotty's moaning and whimpering along will make you bust a big ol nut. The fans of real, unscripted, authentic ass fucking will love this vid.


Comments: 3

Guckster18innyc (12/04/18)
dud??? Are you fucking nuts! If I could have been that kid at that age I'd be bronzed by now! You guys played him like a Stradivarius!

randysutton (03/15/18)
sizzling hot! i came twice

FEENER (03/14/18)
Glad you decided to share!

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