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Fuck Your Loads Into My Muscle Hole

Released: 04/25/18
Length: 33min. 21sec.


As you all know by now, we don’t usually tackle tall hairy porn star man beasts. We usually prefer the submissive side of inexperienced men, but we just had to make an exception for this delicious brute. Hunter and I have always had a little fuck-crush on Macho. We've seen him and his big sexy man ass here and there in other vids and he's usually always topping. When we heard that he loves to bottom and be submissive, we knew we had to make things happen so we could get in that ass! We railed his holes so hard and so deep then filled his hole up with so much cum that it was dripping out. At the end of it all, I think Macho was a bit shocked at how hard we made him cum. Double Woof!


Comments: 3

Guckster18innyc (08/25/18)
fun to see you guys go BIG for a change... and man! did he love it???? Did I love it??? YAAAASSS!

Furtopman (05/21/18)
Fantastic fuckers! Keep the furry ones coming......

Michael17 (04/27/18)
That is fucking sexy. His moans and whimpers made my cock so hard.

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