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Double Bubble Feature

Released: 03/27/18
Length: 51min. 37sec.


Here's a special double bubble feature video for you lovers of variety. This nasty-hot double feature has everything you'll need to stroke one out in two  minutes flat. However, I recommend holding off on that orgasm until you check out both of these sexy vids. The first part features our ever so popular buddy, Dirk. Everyone loves Dirks sexy persona and mad skills in the sack, as well as his furry body and truly amazing hairy bubble ass. We met up with Dirk at a local strip club where he was dancing and shaking that sweet ass in our faces. We asked him back to our hotel room for a late night booty call. We miiiiight have been a bit drunky McSkunky. We sucked and rimmed and squirted all over the place, regardless of our state of inebriation. The second part, features our sexy blonde hair, blue eyed muscle jock, Sean. We tortured him with some relentless tickling and throat fucking until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and fucked his tight muscle ass wide open.


Comments: 3

Melbourne123 (11/20/18)
Love the Rim69er. Hunter you’re the best.

cr0ssingb0ricua (04/11/18)
I want more of Dirk; I want you guys to go back and finish the job there. Dirk is one sexy ass motherfucker yo.

cr0ssingb0ricua (04/10/18)
Damn Hunter. Didn't make it passed your moans while getting your ass eaten! Nice! I'll be back tomorrow.

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