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Deep Breeding

Released: 12/12/17
Length: 55min. 7sec.


We LOVED playing around with Kip! We met-up out at a bar over a few beers and got to talking and developed some serious sexual chemistry. I knew we'd have a great time after chatting with him over the phone and when we met him he was twice as nice and ten times as cute! Hunter had a hard on within the first five minutes of meeting him. If your idea of hot is a handsome, hairy, hung, bisexual and married guy with a GREAT ass, cock and body, then you'll love watching us get naked and sweaty in this nasty-hot breeding vid. In my opinion, Kip is one lucky fucker to have found such an open-minded and totally cool woman to marry. To Kip's awesome wife; all we have to say is thank you thank you! Thank you for lending us your hot man for the night. I hope you'll both be watching this together while you fuck.


Comments: 3

Furtopman (03/30/18)
fucking hot! Want to breed that hot bottom!

Pistol7430 (03/10/18)
He’s my favorite

cooleye1989 (12/19/17)

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