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Raw in Reno

Released: 02/23/11
Length: 49min. 0sec.

Hey guys, this is a very special Double Bubble Butt Feature, our very fist here on the site!  I decided to have some fun with the teaser and I hope you like the added funny footage.The first part of this double bubble butt feature is me and Hunter, we were on a road trip with some friends we had ZERO privacy from the 8 guys that we were sharing the RV with so the moment we had the place to ourselves, we got right to sex had a seriously hot steamy fuck session. It had been 5 days without sex for us so when we got to it, it was HOT. Hunter was so excited that he actually shot his load while he was sucking my cock without even touching himself, lol, now that’s a horny boy! The second video is probably one of the hottest hard core rough hot fuck videos we have EVER done. I mean this is seriously HARD fucking aggressive man sex at its best! Our tall lean handsome sexy buddy Ash wanted it HARD and unforgiving and because we aim to please that’s exactly what we gave him. It was easy to show him a good time since he is so so sexy, with his deep voice and take no prisoners attitude in bed. I have to re-state: I believe this is one of the hottest videos we have ever shot. Check it out and please tell us what you think about it. Thanks for stroking with us. xoxoxox Cole and Hunter

Comments: 20

youngtetg (11/01/14)
wow i wanna see more scenes with this guy so fucking hot!!!!

baneyt (10/26/14)
favorite video

lorien77 (03/10/14)
wow this was amazing--so hot!! both the first part and the second...woof!

MissMercury (03/08/13)
I don't know how many times I've watched this vid now. It's sooo hot. Ash knows what he wants (a bit bossy, isn't he?) and really enjoys himself as much as you do. :) Bring him back?

PNPFucker (12/12/12)
Great to see a Yng Fuckboi already an experienced Double Fuckin....Awesome...More Double Cock Pounding Badbois.. What a total Fuckin Slut he is...Fuckin love that Yng Ass.Made for Loads.

sunday1279 (11/25/12)
i love when you dp boys...please do more. this is a fav of mine!

troyscott (10/04/12)
Hot as hell ...I'vbe cum to this vid many times now ..;-)

pirea00 (04/04/12)
HOT HOT HOT ASH is the best bottom on here.

urguyva07 (01/25/12)
By far one of my all-time favorites!

lovinwhoyouare (12/21/11)

ragnyc534 (09/21/11)
This was steaming Hot

ANDR3W (09/12/11)
thank you for making me cum like theres no tomorrow ;) I hope theres more of Ash damn that boy wasss sexy

malenasti (08/17/11)
love a man who loves dick in his asspucci and shows it! Ash takes dick like a man and begs for more!! very exciting video to watch and beat off to!!

msceola (07/12/11)
Great video. I liked you and cole fucking at the beginning and I love those draws that your sportin at the end of the video.

Talaso (05/30/11)
ash is definitly the most sexsiest performer in your videos....would like see more scenes whit him... Thanks

markeatsu (03/16/11)
ash is definitely the best fukpig featured so far. dbl dicking and cuming inside him was perfect. try a massage table or a sling sometime for more pounding traction with ashboy. you guys are the best. Mark, Palm Springs, CA

RoIsAStud (03/16/11)
I came twice for this man! What a stud. Rawr!

kage83 (03/04/11)

daddycum (02/25/11)
This was one hot fucking video. Ash you have a damm sexy hole and the way you take two cocks you made me shot a hot load. Great video love you guys.

tomk2008 (02/25/11)

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