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Fun with Frat Boy

Released: 12/02/12
Length: 37min. 4sec.


Since we've now broken the 100 video release mark on our site, we thought we'd dive deep into the MM vault in search of something very special.  And I think we've found it!  What better way to celebrate this milestone than with a never-before seen Frat Boy Bradley video!?  In fact, I think this was the second video he ever did with us.  This video is a classic fun, sweaty, ass-eating, blow job-giving, ass-fucking good time.  This one is over six years old and Bradley looks HOTTER than ever in it.  We were just hanging with Bradley not too long ago and man has he grown into a HOT furry man.  He's no longer a MAN-BOY; Bradley is now a MAN-OTTER, lol.  I'm hoping that once he sees this video he'll get nostalgic and come back for another MaverickMen fuck-filled video.  Bradley, if you're reading this, we love you a ton! (but you already knew that)

xo Cole and Hunter


Comments: 3

troyscott (02/10/13) how Hunter fucks n cums , then ya just stick your cock in straight after n fuck away , using Hunter's cum as lube goddam hottt!!!!

PNPFucker (12/06/12)
Fuckhole Highlights. 1.H Pants Around Thighs/Fuckboi Rimming.2. H and Fuckboi Cream feeding on C's Cock.3.H inside C both Cracks Fuckboi Rimmed. 4.H Breeding/C pounding H's Load and Dumping his Own inside.H and Fuckboi Joined in Rimming Knot. Magnificent!

onhereforaction (12/03/12)
Bradley's my all time favorite!

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