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Dick Down In The Dunes

Released: 12/28/12
Length: 37min. 40sec.


Hope you all are having a great holiday week!  As you all know, tis the season for making love and sharing with the special people in your life.  So, naturally we decided to share this nasty hot GEM of a video with you all.  This video features one of our most popular blue-eyed buds - sexy, horse-hung, Davis.  We were missing our boy Davis so much that we decided to go visit him in Florida where we spent a few days in the sun fucking, sucking, licking, rimming, cuming and every other possible thing we could do on some of the local beaches and dunes in southern Florida.  My ass was sun-burnt after this beach fuck session, lol.  It was windy while we were there and I am sorry if some of the beach footage is a little noisy (it's not that bad).  We were literally getting blown all over the beach.  You guys will love the scenes while driving naked in the truck.  And your really going to love the hard-core beautiful penetration shots in this sticky yummy video.

Cole and Hunter


Comments: 5

sherbie69 (08/28/14)
Wow! I fucking love David ;0) ... ben326 is right: some internal cumshots would be kewl

ben326 (02/27/13)
excellent amazing .... in the future maybe some double penetration and internal cum shots?

rangerdad (01/03/13)
I fucking love you guys! Two of the sexiest men I have ever seen. I especially love it when Cole is stark naked and I get a full view of that gorgeous hairy chest. And Hunter has the most magnificent ass anywhere. You are two hot motherfuckers.

MissMercury (12/31/12)
HOT! That scene on the beach was almost animalistic! I love watching you together with Davis or Ray; they are such delicious bottom boys who bring out the best in you! ;)

PNPFucker (12/29/12)
Awesome Fuckboi violating,,As always...would love to see a session where you both put a load in each others Fuckholes...and bring in a piece of Ass (or a Couple..) to feed deep on each load and to share ur cream for all to enjoy!!!

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