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Fuck of The Irish teaser

Top O' and Bottom O' the morning to ya!

Since it's so close to Saint Patty's Day here in Boston and I’m half Irish, Hunter thought it would be a great idea to finally show you our highly anticipated video, “The Fuck of The Irish."  We gave a sneak peek of this hot video about a month back and you all went crazy for it, mostly because of our sexy-as-fuck tall Irish boy, Liam.  He has a big sexy smile, big blue eyes, hot furry legs and bubble ass - plus he is a sight to behold when he's all horned up and ready to fuck.  Liam, had been talking to us for close to two years before we actually met for the first time in this video.  He was beyond excited and so were we!

So here it is and If I do say so myself; this is one seriously HOT fuck video!  It's got some really really nasty hot moments that will blow your loads right out of your cock…and thru the roof, lol.  This is the only video where a boy made me cum twice - two big loads, one after another within a two minute span.  Hunter and I ran this guy thru the MMFM! “Maverick Men Fuck Machine” and back again and he was still hungry for more.  If you want to see more of our boy Liam, he will be reading this and your comments so send him some love!

Xo Cole and Hunter

Stick It In teaser

We're very happy to share this nasty hot fuck video with you horny fuckers.  This was one of the best topping sessions we've had in a while.  This boy's hole was slick, sweet, tight and eager to get stuffed, eager to Stick It In!  This sexy boy invited us over to his place where he begged us to just stick it in his sweet tight hole.  We fucked him all over the place, so much so that we put the camera down and lost track of the fact that we were there to film it for you guys to see.

When we first started chatting with him on-line he was super shy and nervous, but once he had us in his apartment all his shyness melted away.  I noticed that his eyes were riveted on our crotches so being the nice guy I am, I told him to show us his blow job skills.  He dropped to his knees, pulled out my cock, and started sucking like it WAS his job!  As soon as we started feeding him some cock, then face-fucking him, we knew he was going to be an amazing sub bottom boy.  He took our cocks hard and deep for what seemed like three hours of sweat-soaked, nasty aggressive ass fucking.  His was one of the best holes we have had the pleasure of exploring.

We love you guys, thanks for stroking with us!
Cole and Hunter

Billy Billy Bang! Bang! - Fun Fuckers teaser

This is the very last Billy video, Billy Billy Bang! Bang! - Fun Fuckers.  In this final Billy video, we take him on a day trip to Maine for some boating fun with friends.  On the drive home we found a fun little amusement park with go-carts - so much fun!  At one point I was laughing so hard that I crashed into Hunter (good thing he has that big muscle ass to protect him).  Billy's smile was from ear to ear.  After a long exhausting day, we headed back to Boston to chill out and pound some boy butt..  This particular day, Billy was feeling super passionate, so much so that when we started fucking the bed was banging against the wall and finally broke, so we moved the mattress to the floor.  

It was a different kind of day because Billy was very into making out, he usually loves kissing but today he was seriously getting turned on by it and wanted all he could get his sweet lips on.  We all smooched for a long while before he would let us penetrate his sweet ass again.  Hunter got tired of making out cuz he wanted some ass, so he munched on Billy's sweet little butt for a long while until Billy started moaning and arching his back and lifting that sweet boy butt up so Hunter could burry his tongue deeper and deeper.  Wow!  Once he decided to opened his ass for us we had a serious hard-core fuck session.  Billy shot a shocking huge load, too!  

You guys will love this one, it’s a winner, and it's the last new Billy video you will see on our site.  Say bye-bye to Billy under this video.  If you are new to Billy's work, I suggest Virgin Cherry Pop - Gone Camping and Virgin Sacrifice - his first time.  Bye -bye Billy, we love you!

Xoxox Cole and Hunter

Billy Billy Bang! Bang! - Birthday Ass Bash teaser

Billy Billy Bang! Bang! - Birthday Ass Bash, is a VERY special video for a few reasons; first, it's HOT as fuck, and second, in this video you get to know the real Billy.  This boy is a serious QT-pie and obviously his sexual skills are unmatched for a little mate his size.  Never let it be said that our Billy boy can’t take it like a man.  In this vid, we take him away for a birthday weekend in RI, where we check into a hotel and take him out for a nice bday dinner.  What Billy really wanted was us to lavish him with attention and our cocks, lol.  Being the good hosts that we are, Hunter and I fucked the hell out of his sweet boy pussy all night long.  We all had a blast that weekend with lots of amazing memories.

We've been hanging onto these last two gems because as you know, Billy has decided to retire from porn.  You won't likely ever see him and his sweet boyish smile and amazing bottoming skills ever again, so like hot biscuits and creamy boy gravy; soak up these last two red-hot Billy videos.  The second and last video will be out NEXT WEEK, it's called Billy Billy Bang! Bang! - Fun Fuckers.  Leave Billy boy some birthday love!

Horse Hung Hairy Hole teaser

Okay so here he is; you all went BANANAS over our buddy Davis and demanded that we show him next, so as always; your wish is our command!  A few things you should know about Davis: he is an amazing guy; very chill and relaxed with a serious appetite for hot sex, he is top-vers and loves to be cock worshiped, he loves sweaty man scent just like us, and he’s truly a man’s man.  

Be warned; his big blue eyes and fat cock will break your heart and your hole if you’re not careful, lol.  Did I mention that Davis is SINGLE and looking for Mr. Right, or maybe even Mr. Right now!….so feel free to leave him a message on the site or email us here at and we’ll foreword your loving and lustful emails to him.

In this sticky hot video you will see a true top take cock like an eager bottom.  We eat and lick his sweet manhole till he begs for our cocks, and when we finally slip them in, he goes wild; moaning and growling like a fucking animal!  We fucked him in the morning on our sofa so hard that the sofa ended up on the other side of the room.  

The sounds alone in this video will make your banana cream!  Once again, I judge this video’s hotness by how many times I had to jerk off while editing and this one was a 3-stroke video - a true home run of hotness.  As a long time fan, Davis has been eager to come meet us, which shows throughout this video.  We spent a great weekend with him here in Boston.  We were snow bound with nothing to do but fuck!  Davis, if you’re reading this; we love you man CUM BACK soon, please!

Xo Cole and Hunter

CoCo Cherry Pop 2 - double penetration ass assasination teaser

CoCo Cherry "CJ" is back and hotter than ever in this Hard Core, Double Penetration fuck video!  We held nothing back!

We shot this vid over two years ago.  We hung onto it because at the time we thought it might be too shocking for some, lol.  But now that we know ya'll are nasty horn-dogs, we have decided to whip it out.  So, CJ is back and eager for more MaverickMen hard-core ass fucking and much to our surprise, this little thug was begging to be dominated and double stuffed.  He's a bit of a wise ass with a smart mouth,  I set him straight and threatened to prison fuck his coco ass if he got out of line.  He shut right up.  When he started calling us "sir" we knew he was ready to be our sub boy.  

He wanted total domination, and he fucking got it!  Getting double stuffed had been a fantasy of his since he was eighteen.  We stripped him out of his clothes and his rock-hard uncut monster cock was dripping pre-cum.  He dropped to his knees and we taught him how to choke down our cocks.  We fingered and probed his tight hole to get him wet and ready and when he was nice and lubed up, we started the DP.  It sure as hell wasn't easy, but when we finally crammed both our cocks in his ass, he howled like a wolf until I shoved Hunter's underwear in his mouth, lol.  We prison fucked his ass till he begged for us to let him cum.  This is def one hot DP video.

Bad Bad Boy teaser

Okay guys, we promised you all that we were going to start the New Year off with a BANG, so here it is; a BILLY BOY BONANZA!  We're bringing out three of the hottest, never-before-seen Billy videos direct from the VAULT OF LUST!  We have been saving these hot gems for over two years.  We've been feeding you all bits and pieces of these hot hot videos and you guys have been screaming for more, so here you are; your wish is our command.  

For all the Billy fanatics out there, this will be heaven.  You will love this hot trinity of digital lust.  The first in this triad of hotness is called, Bad Bad Boy and it's the first installment of our last three Billy videos.  I say last three because as you must know by now, Billy is retired from videos and has been for two years now.  He requested that we send him off with a big ol' bang.  This collection is sure to get you growling with lots of clowning around, laughs, tickles, and fun.  Oh, did I mention the red-hot fucking, sucking and sweet cherry-ass action packed into each video?!  So get comfy in your favorite stroke spot, lock the door, turn off your cell phone, dim the lights, unbutton your pants, and take matters into your own hands and enjoy the last of these super hot Billy videos!  We are going to put the next two vids up this month and next, so enjoy and please show Billy some love here, under this video.  He is an awesome sweet guy and we love him dearly.

Thanks for stroking with us,

Cole and Hunter

Banging in the Bayou teaser

Sorry it's taken us so long to share this video with you all. Believe me when I say: IT'S WORTH THE WAIT! We recently posted a teaser with our sexy fuck machine Jed called, We Love Otters, and we received so many emails and messages from you all DEMANDING that we do a video with him. As always; your wish is our command! After months of chatting, skype'ing, sext'ing and all that fun stuff we found an excuse to go visit Jed during Southern Decadence in New Orleans. We spent a few days with him and made sweet sweet manly man love to this stud. The very best thing about fucking around with a guy like Jed is that he is an experienced man and can take a serious ass fucking. Jed and Hunter and I had so much fun together that we are definitely going to have him back for another video. And he's quickly becoming a good friend! Jed is a tall, bearded, sexy, hung, TOP/vers manly man from the Louisiana bayou. Oh man, all I have to say is that I love me some down-south swamp men after this, lol. Please let us know what you think of Jed and leave him some otter-love here under this post. WARNING: Cover your keyboard! - You will definitely blast a big load to this one. Oh, and if you like the sound of LOUD MEN fucking, make sure to turn the volume way up. Jed is a serious loud hot moaner (so hot!). This video is GUARANTEED to become one of your favorites, especially if you like to stroke to close up hole penetration because there are some beautiful, juicy, and deep penetration moments that will get you horned up. Thanks for stroking with us guys we love you.And Jed if you are reading this, we love you too man. Please come back for some more Maverick loving! xo Cole and Hunter

Hard Love - a teenage tail teaser

Hard Love, a teenage tail, is by far one of the hottest videos we have ever made. We had such a hot time with our boy Gio last year in his first video with us, Training Gio, that we had to see him again. Gio is undeniably hot and he's as sweet as they come. He's got a deep masculine voice and a polite manner and you'd never guess that he is a skilled man in the sheets. He has beautiful lips and a sweet cock but Hunter and I have fallen in love with his big BOOTY, lol. His amazing ass is prime beef! Honestly, words can't describe his butt must be experienced to be believed. Round and bubble-licious, it jiggles just enough and can take a thick cock HARD AND FAST without mercy. I am afraid we have created a monster with Gio. He loves man sex, but it has to be aggressive and dirty or he does not get off. He is driven wild by sweaty man smell and jock straps (a boy after our own hearts). He retained the yes- sir-no-sir mentality that we taught him the first time. It is now his way of life. After our first video together, I asked him what he liked most about fucking with us and he immediately responded, "I love it when you guys take control of me and make me your boy". Be warned; this video has a lot of verbal commands and hard mean looking sex, but it was all at Gio's request. If you want to see more aggressive and hard sex like this, leave some comments here and let us know. Gio, when you read this I hope you have a big fat boner! We love you, sexy boy. Be a good boy and come see us in Boston real soon. XO Cole and Hunter

Blue Collar Ass Fuck teaser

Here is a new video from our Blue Collar series called, Blue Collar Ass Fuck.  For those of you that like to fuck in places where you might get caught; this one's for you.  We picked-up this blue-collar hottie on a recent trip out of town.  The best part about this guy (besides his amazing BEEFY man ass) was that we had already met him a few nights back at a club before running into him at the gas station, and we didn’t even realize it until later, lol.  Two nights before, we hosted a best ass contest at a local club that was out of this world.  I felt funny that we didn’t recognize him right away, but in our defense we were pretty buzzed when we chatted.  Anyway, so we made plans to meet and he was an hour late.  When I shot him a text to ask why, he said he was having car trouble at a gas station near our hotel.  We walked down to surprise him.  The chemistry was instant and we jumped in his jeep to cruise around to find a place to screw.  We pulled over to take a piss and found this abandoned building.  We jumped out of the jeep and crawled through a hole in the wall to explore this obviously abandoned and trashed place.  It smelled like piss and sex so of course our cocks were immediately hard.  There's just something about places like this that scream "LET'S FUCK HERE", lol.  And we didn't waste anytime, either.  The idea of fucking in this place was so exciting and hot that once we got started, we all blasted our loads pretty fast.  In fact, this was one of the fastest/hottest fucks we have ever filmed.  We fucked his man-ass so hard and deep that we all blasted our loads hard and huge (you'll see).  I loved watching Hunter get so into fucking this guy.  He jack-hammered his hole so hard that I thought he was gonna cry, but he took it like a man without complaint.  He came spurts and spurts of man batter while my boy continued to nail him as he was bent over, pants around his ankles, stroking the last of his cum out onto the dirty warehouse floor.  What this video lacks in length it makes up for with intensity and aggression.  We guarantee it will make you shoot just as fast and hard as we did on that day.

71 - 80 of 143