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Top Dawg Dick Down teaser

Okay, if you like to watch tall, lean, blond-haired, blue-eyed, uncut monster cock guys with a deep voiced getting FUCKED in the ass, then you will LOVE this one!  We met Rex on a shoot because we needed a TOP and MOST of the guys were bottoms.  Then of course as we were directing and shooting Rex top these other guys, we started to drool.  While watching Rex's tight ass bounce as he topped, we decided we HAD TO FUCK HIM.  So even tho he is a self-proclaimed TOP, we begged him to give bottoming a try and much to our delight and surprise he said sure why not.  We dragged him into a bedroom and FUCKED his ass till he was moaning and squirting his load all over the room, lol.  I nave no doubt that after the ass fucking we gave him and how hard he came, Rex is now considering the "vers-top" title. 

Everyone Loves An Eager Bottom teaser

The term "eager bottom” is often over used.  BUTT absolutely not in this case!  Our hot little buddy Jason is one of the horniest moaning bottoms we've ever fucked.  When we first met him, he was working at our local grocery store and he was always full of smiles.  Jason would always go out of his way to say hello to us.  He looked like a typical straight boy so we thought nothing of it.  Then, one day when we were checking out, Jason was leaning over the counter and looking our way with a big smile and a BIG bulge.  He was discreetly pressing his obvious hard cock against the counter top.  When he realized we were looking right at him, he turned beet red and turned away.  I knew we had to see what he was all about.  After several casual conversations in the following weeks we learned that Jason was bisexual, but leaning more towards the gay ways, lol.  Turns out that Jason loves to bottom and has been a secret fan of ours for a while.  We invited him to do a video and he was VERY EXCITED to become a part of our site.  Two weeks later, Jason came over during a snow storm and we fucked him into next week.  He is such a hot, eager bottom.  He moaned and begged us to fuck him harder and faster.  Leave some love for Jason under this post to encourage him to come back and share that sweet ass and big cock with us (and you) again!

Dirty Little Muscle Pig teaser

We know how much you love muscle boys.  We also know how much you love nasty little fucking piggies!  So, we got a hot little muscle pig for your enjoyment (and ours)!  We met Scott on one of our MaverickMen Directs shoots.  We cast him to shoot with one of our videos buds, Mikey.  While we were shooting Scott with Mikey fucking in the laundry room, we were so impressed with how much of a sex pig Scott was that we HAD to fuck him ourselves.  The next day, we railed his hot little muscle butt six ways to Sunday, lol.  Scott was full of surprises; he loved to be choked, smacked, fucked and used and abused.  Oh yeah, and Scott claims to be straight.  I swear it!  He claims he only fucks with other guys for the job.  Well, by the end of this shoot we had fucked his prostate so hard that he couldn’t bottom any longer.  Scott asked if he could beat off and I told him to blast on Hunters face and mouth.  He started beating his dick to his favorite porn scene (and YES it was straight chicks eating each other out) until he shot his load all over Hunter.  Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I have come to realize that there's NO black and white when it comes to sex.

Cuoco For Cocoa Cock teaser

Once in a blue moon, you come across a guy that's a normally a top but with total control of his muscle ass so he can really take a pounding!  Yes, we turned out a Top in this video.  But man, with an ass like that I have to wonder if Richie was really a top like he said.  Well, if I had to call him anything, it'd be a "true power bottom!".  Richie's amazing ass is a true gift to all tops.  At 6’4” tall with a ripped-hard body, big beautiful cock, the most beautiful cocoa-colored skin (AND muscular dream ass!) this guy is a WINNER in every sense of the word, especially in the bed.  And at 19 that’s rare!  We met Richie in our travels last year and then revisited him again in his home town for some serious ass fucking and hard core video fun. Richie is what we like to call a "super fan".  He's been watching us for a few years now and has been eagerly awaiting us to come visit him and help him full fill his MaverickMen fantasy.  Maybe that’s why he was so excellent in bed.  I am here to tell you, Hunter and I could not get over Richie's skills.  Not only could he slurp a cock till it melts and cums, he can bottom and kiss like a pro!  We had so much fun that Hunter and I actually came a total of four times.  Hey Richie, we'll see you in the fall.  

xoxox Cole and Hunter

Please, Fuck Me Before My Parents Get Home teaser

Hey there boys and girls; WE HAVE A WINNER!  While editing this vid, I had to beat-off several times and that is always a good sign, lol.  Once in a while, the stars align perfectly and a magnificently-hot video is born!  Besides the perfect, natural lighting, amazing hole penetration close-ups and undeniable chemistry between the three of us, there's this EPIC simultaneous orgasm scene between Hunter and Cody that will make your cock bounce!  We met Cody a while ago and we cast him in a scene for our new site,  On that shoot, we got to mess around a little bit but not nearly as much as we wanted.  So, it just so happened that when Hunter and I were on our annual Orlando getaway, we hit up Cody to see if he was free to come hang with us.  In an amazing coincidence he was already in Orlando with his family and SURPRISE-SURPRISE he was staying at the same complex as us!  Cody sneaked away while his parents were out having lunch. We fucked like beasts!  This video has all my favorites; a warm and sunny day, a beautiful and horned-up blond-haired, blue-eyed boy with a great body and sexy smile, two hungry MaverickMen, aggressive ass fucking and big cum shots!  Let us know what you think of Cody and if you want us to have him back for more fun.

Spit, Sit and Spin teaser

We found this big, 6’3”-tall, Italian-Irish, horse-hung, blue-eyed beauty named Josh in Florida while we were casting for our MaverickMen Directs shoot.  As soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew I had to fuck him, lol.  He was a diamond-in-the-rough newbie that absolutely needed some special MaverickMen training.  We trained him on everything from soup to nuts  and we shot him with some of our other friends for our soon-to-be-launched (October) new site,  We loved Josh's look so much that we flew him in to Boston so we could give him our undivided attention.  This thick-dicked, bottom-vers boy LOVED the attention we lavished on his beautiful hairy ass (so much so that he's been dying to come back!).  When Josh first got here, he wanted to go for a run and then confessed he's really turned on by the idea of OUTSIDE SEX!  Of course we had to fulfill his fantasy!  We ate his ass and sucked his cock in public and played around in the grass till we were dripping with precum.  And then we took him back to our place and fucked the hell outta his big, sexy ass.  I'll leave it up to y'all to decide if we should have sexy Josh back for another fuck session.  Oh and Josh, I'm sorry we ran out of lube but I promise if you come back we'll be fully stocked!

xoxoxox Cole and Hunter

Take That Cock Muscle Jock teaser

Okay people, you asked for of more Carter Jacobs' muscle-jock ass, and you got it!  You're going to LOVE this hardcore, ass-DESTROYING fuck video!  I was looking through some of our past footage and found this amazingly hot fuck session.  I almost forgot we even had it (how the fuck could I!?!).  This video takes place after we had spent a few days hanging out with Carter.  The night before, we had been drinking and clubbing so we were feeling the hang over.  As some of you may know, the best way to cure a hang over is to FUCK and then FUCK some more.  As I was editing it all, it came back to me just how hot it was to fuck his ass that day.  At first, Hunter and I couldn’t find a comfortable position to fuck his poor little hole.  I slipped in side-saddle to get the hard ass-slamming with deep penetration started.  There's a particular moment in this video that almost made me shoot as I was editing it.  When I was sliding my cock in Carter's tight hole, he reached up and sucked my tongue and made out with me as if to beg me to be gentle.  Woof!  Hunter stepped in to finish off Carter's ass with some violent screwing of his own which lead to some jock on jock, ride-em-cowboy action.  We just LOVE fucking and sucking and kissing our closet-case straight buddy, Carter Jacobs!  We always hope he comes back for more.  I fear it may be a while given that he's still having trouble walking.

Fuck Me! Use Me! teaser

This past January we were in Chicago for an appearance booking.  Yes, I said, "JANUARY, IN CHICAGO!"  Big mistake, lol.  It was fucking nasty-bitter cold! Luckily, we were able to met up with our mega fan, Trevor.  He had been on and off about doing a video with us for over a year.  When he heard we were coming to his home town he decide to meet us and do one.  Fuck!  Trevor is a little hot fucking piggie!  He was so crazy-horned up and such an insatiable bottom that by the end of the video we all had rug burns on our knees & elbows!  Trevor wanted us to use and abuse him as we saw fit.  We really love that!  We did things to him that would make most people blush.  We even tried to DP his throat and I think we actually pulled it off!  We also tried a new position where I sat on the sofa and Hunter sat on the floor and Trevor sat on Hunter's cock as as he blew me and jerked his own dick at the same time.  You boys will love the dirty-aggressive talk and hard-nasty fucking and cum explosions! 

Puerto Rican Pound Puppy teaser

Hey guyz, get ready for a hot and nasty winner of a FUCK video!  After making this video with our friend Dougie, we discovered that we have a new found LUST for Puerto Rican guys.  We had been talking and corresponding with Dougie for about a year and the entire time I kept thinking that this kid seems so straight.  With his tats and tight, lean, ripped body and street-smart attitude, he just reeked of straight boy.  But MUCH to our delight he's not straight at all in fact he LOVES to get fucked.  Dougie makes no bones about it saying things like, "Man, you better fuck me good or I’m outta here."  We love that Dougie is so straight forward.  He's also a great kisser and best of all he LOVES hard and rough man sex.  Dougie's head skills are so amazing that I though Hunter was going to pass out.  He has this little tongue piercing that tickled the underside of Hunter's cock so much that Hunter was howling like a beast in ecstasy.  Feel free to leave some love for our PR pound pup and tell him to come back to do another video with us.

Straight Boy Toy teaser

Every now and then you come across a beauty like Tom.  I say he's a beauty not only because of the obvious.  I mean, there's no debating that this guy's a looker, lol.  Tom is tall, lean, sexy, great ass, masculine, hung, with big blue eyes and a hot Boston accent.  WOOF!  And he's pretty much a virgin. But the best thing about Tom is he's comfortable in his own skin as a bisexual man.  At least, he said he was bisexual and I am guessing after the seriously good time we showed him in bed he'll be coming out of the closet SOON!  Yup, he has a gf and she's cool with him having sex with us.  That's so fucking cool, if you ask me.  We were so excited to finally get in Tom's straight-boy ass that we could barely contain ourselves.  I have no doubt that we'll be doing more videos with him; he loved it way too much and he is way too hot for us to pass up.  We trained Tom how to deep-throat, properly man kiss, and how to eat butt.  Mmmm we were the very first to rim and eat his sweet ass!  Tom's explanation of how it felt is priceless.  We also showed him how to orgasm and SHOOT his load while he rode our cocks like a bucking bronco.  You're going to love watching us man handle this guy's hot ass and teach him what hardcore MaverickMen action is all about!

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