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PJ Fuck Day teaser

Yes!  Our sexy-as-fuck, donkey-dicked buddy PJ is back and hotter than ever!  We took PJ to a crowded after-hours party and we were horny as fuck so the three of us slipped into a bathroom to get it on.  We sucked each others cocks, made out, and ate ass all in this tight spot (see pics).  Then, we moved it back into pool since the party was dying down.  We did some skinny dipping and then went home to crash for the night.  First thing in the AM we fucked like horny beast!  PJ is a fountain of sexy and there’s never a dull moment with him.  He climbed on and rode our cocks like a bucking bronco.  We rolled around and fucked some more till we all blasted thick loads.  Do leave some love for PJ under this post and tell him to come back for more!

Best Sex Ever teaser

Once in a blue moon you might meet someone as special as our new friend, Victor.  I called this video “Best Sex Every” for good reason; we have literally been having the BEST sex ever with out new boy-toy deluxe.  Vic is a true versatile top with a voracious appetite for all things Maverick.  He’s twenty years old and as smart as a whip and sexy as the night is long.  He knows exactly what he wants and he goes for it - and eats it the fuck up!  Turns out that Vic not only wants to star in videos but he’s eager to be part of running the site.  So, now have a kick-ass (with a delicious ass) production assistant whenever we need help.  Get ready to see some serious chemistry.  The three of us click in bed in a big way and with that comes undeniable nasty-hot passion.  Leave our boy Vic some love under this post.  Do you want to see more videos of us with him? 

Friends with Benefits teaser

This special video has been a long time cumming, almost four years to be exact.  We have been friends with our boy Tommy for a while now and we've noticed that anyone that meets Tommy immediately falls in love with his hot tats, big sexy eyes, and hilarious sense of humor.  If all that doesn't win you over, his big fat cock surely will.  WOOF!  We shot a stroke video of Tommy last year and it was super hot but we haven't posted it yet as we've been waiting for that ass, lol.  Tommy has finally gave us a big hairy piece of his delicious beefy ass.  Once we finally got in his very tight hole, it was all moaning and sweating and cumming.  He's a great kisser with hot oral skills.  That boy can suck a mean dick, for sure.  You'll absolutely love the fuck scenes in this nasty gem of a video.  I have to stress that Tommy LOVES to top but now for some reason he also really enjoys bottoming.  You're welcome Tommy, and thank you.

Let's Get Inzane teaser

Okay piglettes, here is the highly-anticipated video of us and Zane.  Hunter and I have no idea what all the hoopla is about, lol.  All we have to say is that we love Zane and we all had a blast while fucking, sucking, cumming and laughing.  After the first two minutes of chatting with Zane, we were all laughing and yucking it up as if we had known each other for years.  So, it was only natural to invite him to be in a video with us.  There’s nothing hotter than fucking a 6’4”, 200+ pound man/boy with a big muscle ass and fat uncut cock!  If you like to see three super horned-up guys having a fun time, then this video will not only make you squirt; it will make you smile, too.

Little Bobby's Virgin Hole teaser

You asked for more virgin sacrifices and as usual your wish is our command.  If you like scrappy, scruffy, little bubble-butt virgin pups, then you're in for a treat.  We met Bobby and instantly knew we had to own his little ass! We trained him how to do everything from kissing and rimming to deep throat techniques and eventually how to take big cocks in his delicious furry hole.  The shocked expressions on his face as we penetrated him for the first time are priceless and so hot.  We have no doubt that this little virgin had no regrets about giving us his v-card.  We appreciate the delicious honor of popping his cherry.  We absolutely want this cute little pup back for more!

Man Hole teaser

Erik randomly texted us while he was on his lunch break to ask if we wanted to get in a quick one and I jumped at the chance since he works right down the street.  When I picked him up, he was wearing his construction uniform and I almost came in my pants.  There is no denying the hotness of our tall, horse-hung construction worker bud.  As you may remember from our first video with him, Erik and The Bum Bandits, Erik was a dedicated top for most of his life until he met us.  We showed him how amazing it feels to bottom for two experienced tops.  It took lots of coaching and ass eating and cock sucking (such a chore haha) to finally get him to bottom.  Much to our delight, he had such a great time bottoming for us in the first video that he decided to let us own his hole again.  We were both so fucking excited to get balls-deep into that muscular ass.  A white boy with cakes like that is a deliriously wonderful thing.  Erik has a round and hard ass with blond peach-fuzz leading to a delicious pink quivering hole.  And as if that ass alone weren’t enough, his fat and thick beauty of a fuck-stick is a dream dick.  You will love watching us nail his ass to the wall.  His moaning and screaming is too hot too handle.

Two Guys One Tom teaser

Back by popular demand is our super hot straight-ish boy toy, Tom.  He was hornier than ever and hungry for some hard dick and this time he came with his girlfriend’s blessing.  Her only request was that we consider letting her tag along the next time.  Never let it be said that we aren’t open to new things.  Anyway, we met Tom at the train station and we were going to take him out for lunch but he was all about that dick!  He demanded that we go right back to our place and fuck and that’s exactly what we did.  We got back to our place, he sat down on the sofa, started rubbing his cock, and the action started right then and there.  We may have almost fucked the straight out of him (we’ll happily keep trying, if need be).  As much as I hated getting lube and cum on my velvet sofa, I couldn’t resist that sweet little muscular ass.  I guess my concern for the velvet didn’t outweigh our need for straight boy ass.

Making Drake Ache teaser

We met Drake in Florida last year while shooting some footage for  We had a pool party and invited over all the guys that were interested in doing a video.  It was a great idea as all the guys immediately hit it off.  Hunter and I kicked-back pool-side to see who had chemistry.  Thankfully, all the guys were drama free and attracted to each other.  When Drake stopped by mid-day to meet us, we noticed that all the other guys in the pool were eye-balling him like a pack of hungry wolves, lol.  Drake was a bit shy and quiet and didn't jump right into the pool.  Instead, he came over and sat down to chat with us with us.  He leaned into me and in an almost whisper said, “Hey Cole, I’m a top usually and prefer to top with anyone you pair me up with but I know you and Hunter like to train guys and I’d love to learn to be a better bottom.”  After I picked-up my jaw off the floor I told him we could do just that!  Drake’s huge smile and big blue-green eyes lit up.  This guy is a passionate lover and a great kisser with a tight ass and huge cock.  The chemistry was instant with us and the video is awesome.  Something unusual happens at the end of the full version of this video; one of the other guys on the shoot happened to be peeking in while we were shooting and all of a sudden, while the three of us were in bed, this mystery man walked in naked and started sucking my cock!  It was so random and so hot.

Anal Anger teaser

I know we named this video "Anal Anger", but honestly it should also be called, "Awesome Fucking Sex"!  Our boy Marco turned out to be quite a surprise in the sack.  When we first started chatting with him, I was convinced that he was a shy little closet-case kinda guy.  But we soon learned that Marco had a serious reserve of pent-up sexual energy that basically devoured our cocks!  Marco has that yes-Sir mentality and y'all know we LOVE that in a guy.  Marco loved to get it the way we love to give it; rough, hard, and raw.  SO, get your cum rag and settle back with your pants around your ankles.  And be ready cuz you'll need a nap after this power stroke session!


Cole and Hunter

I Want It Rough, Sir teaser

Hey guys, I am very happy to share this almost-lost gem.  Part of the reason this was “almost” lost was because both Hunter and I were smashed when we did this video.  We were at an event where we took our hot boy top Leo with us.  We shot our first video with him called, Surfer Boy Cherry Pop, and man was it fucking hot!  On day three of that trip we asked Leo (now that we had relieved him of his butt cherry) what he would like to try next.  He knelt down and said, “I want it rough, Sirs.”  After talking with him about his limits, Leo asked to have some drinks and told us to ”just use my holes and fuck me as hard as you want for as long as you want.”  Ding ding ding!  We have a winner!  Hunter and I destroyed this boy’s hungry hole.  After editing this vid I still can’t believe how hard and rough we railed Leo and he STILL wanted more.  Woof!  Some guys can just take a pounding and beg for more and Leo is one of those guys.

xoxo Cole and Hunter

71 - 80 of 223