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Cum Gushing Boy Fuck teaser

Our sexy boy Liam is back for more hardcore action, and man we were so happy to see him (he can REALLY take a pounding!).  We literally spent the entire weekend together FUCKING! In this cum-soaked fuck video we give Liam the fuck of his life.  We teach him where the prostate is and how to stimulate it over and over again.  This video has so much cum squirting every where that we suggest you sit back away from your screen while you watch or you just might get a cum shot in your eye, lol. 

Hard Core Muscle Fuck teaser

Yup - more muscle meat!  You asked for it, we fuck it!  The last time we did a video with our hot boy Italian stud, Angelo, you all went so crazy for him that we thought we should bring him back for more ass pounding fun.  This is a special video for a few reasons: first and most obviously because Angelo is a big jacked, sexy, hot Italian fucker, but also because he has become our friend.  We love that he's this big muscle hulk yet super sweet and shy.  To us that's a great combo.  Oh, and we are very happy to announce that he has totally come out of the closet and is now gay and happy in his own skin.  Because of his new found comfort with man sex we decided to give him the royal hard core MaverickMan treatment and he loved it.  Angelo has one of the hardest asses I have ever tried to pry open; it was like banging at a brick wall with a hammer.  He wasn’t giving it up without a fight.  We tried to hold him down but he is a big boy and he was squirming and moving all over the fucking place - it was like fucking a mechanical bull.  When we finally got our cocks into his tight hole, he started making these noises like he was lifting weights at the gym.  He was like "Ssstttaaahhhh, Ssssttttaaaahhh," lol.  This one is a muscle-lovers' dream. 

Fucking Angel Face teaser

Here’s a video we shot a few years ago with our boy Angel (also known to some of you as Shadow).  We made the mistake of sharing a little sneak-peek clip of this hot fuck session a few months ago and so many people went wild over it that they demanded we post it NOW!  We even had one guy say he was planing to quit our site if we didn’t show it immediately!  So, okay here it; feast your eyes on this Chulo Culo Extrodinare!  

I already know you will love Angel's sweet smile, big brown eyes and cute dimples, but you're going to be hypnotized at this sexy boy's oral skills.  I mean, WOOF; this boy could suck a walnut through a straw or the chrome off a trailer hitch!  Okay, I'll stop now and won't say that Angel deep throats like a cock starved anaconda, lol.  And that’s not all; he's an amazingly exceptional bottom!  Hunter lost his mind over Angel's plump and delicious Latin man ass.  To top off all that hotness, Angel is also so very chill and a big ol' sweetie.  And best of all he knows how to have FUN during sex like a true Maverick Man.  You little horndawgs are gonna love hearing this hot little Angel moan like a sinner as we mercilessly fuck his hot tight Latin hole. 

I'm Straight Butt Fuck Me Anyway teaser

Okay, so here we go; get ready for a ROUGH hard ride!  What we did to this poor straight guy will make your butt cheeks clench, lol.  We filmed this over a year ago and have been holding-off on editing it because this guy Nate was just coming out of the closet.  We helped Nate blow the doors of his closet in a big way!  After he got his fill of our cocks, he decided that porn was something he loved and has since gone on to make a few other videos online.  I like to think we broke him in.  He can now take dick like a duck takes to water.  This sexy previously-straight boy construction worker Nate used to send us hot video clips like the one here in the teaser and man it made us crazy that he wasn't local.  When he told us he had a construction job here in Boston we were thrilled!  We met him after he got off work and took him to a local favorite pub in Boston called, Fritz.  We had a few beers and then stopped by his place and started right in on him.  Much to our surprise, he was itching to get fucked.  Naturally being the nice guys we are we fucking nailed his sweet while boy ass.  This guy has a ass like an anvil; the harder and faster we pounded, the harder and louder he got!  We fucked him so hard and so long that this video is over an hour long.  This one's not for the faint of heart.  He moans and yells so loud throughout that we had to cover his mouth the entire time.  I know you guys will love this MEAN HARD explosive fuck video.  Hey Nate, if you read this….WOOF, come back for more ass loving anytime.  

xoxo Cole and Hunter

Happy Saint Patty's Gay teaser

What can I say - this is yet another winner!  Once again we're serving you an awesome fuck vid with lots of hardcore ass pounding, lots of loud moaning, and plenty of aggressive play.  And it's a fact that Jed is a beautiful man and his big ice-blue eyes will make you melt into a big puddle of cum all over your keyboard.  He's sweet, furry, funny, huuuung!, chill, and just naturally sexy.  But on top of all that, he has a BIG appetite for cock.  When he told us that he wanted to come spend his birthday with us on Saint Patty's, day we were thrilled.  One of his birthday wishes was to have a group facial.  Luckily, we had a winner from last year's FaceBook contest and he flew in from Kansas City just to have a walk-on (cock-on) role with us!  We showed him a great time and what an awesome surprise that it turned out that he had a BIG fat cock.  Watch for this guy's big ol dong during the group facial scene at the end.  Our boy Jed loved the guy's big cock and was ecstatic that we were able to make his birthday bukkake wish come true.  Happy Birthday, Jed!  We love you man!  Come back next year for more creamy birthday presents.  


Cole and Hunter

Chocolate Cream Teen teaser

How do I know this video is awesome!? Well, I’m typing this with sticky fingers, lol. I honestly had to beat my meat twice in the last four hours while editing this video.

This tall, hung, lean, flexible, jet-black, sexy-as-fuck eighteen-year-old stud boy can BRING IT! He sucks and takes dick like an accomplished fuck master. He’s a great kisser and an amazingly sweet guy with a huge smile. When we first met Chris, he told us that he was a huge fan and had been (im)patiently waiting till he was legal so he could hit us up to star in a video. So we got to know him, became friends, and eventually all the stars aligned and we got our fuck on. Yup, Chris Ryder is now officially a Maverick Man having taken an ass fucking that would have made most grown men cry. He took our fuck sticks with a moan and a smile and the oh-so-sweet words, “fuck me, Sir”. We even did a double penetration on his sweet little ass and WOOF did if feel good. He wasn’t the only one moaning then. We had such a great time with Chris that we have since done two other videos with him. He just seems to get better and better each time. Now that Chris had experienced bottoming with us, he wanted us to get him a bottom boy to fuck. We did and he says he LOVES topping way more than bottoming (and with that big beautiful ebony joy stick I don’t blame him). All you hot bottoms out there, trust me; you need to jump on the Chris Ryder express.

Straight Boy Cherry Pop teaser

This is another real-deal, 100% authentic, VIRGIN CHERRY POP video!  As much as we LOVE to pop cherries, it’s just not that easy to locate true virgins (but this time we did!).  Yup, our new friend Tommy is an eighteen year old super cute, uncut and hung, hairy-assed, so sweet, and new the gay scene.  Tommy carries himself in a confident way that exudes sexy appeal (you'll see).  He reached out to us asking all kinds of bi-curious questions and finally admitted that after beating off to us for so long now that when he has sex with girls he has to picture our videos in his head to make himself cum.  I mean come on; how fucking hot is that!?!  We trained Tommy hard and long for three days and made two videos with him.  After all the sex and intimate conversations we had, I've come to think that he would be an amazing top.  

Get the lube and super-absorbent paper towels out for this one!  Get ready for a drippy, sticky, cummy and delicious stroke session.  You won't last long watching us pop this cherry ass.  If you like to see a couple of fat cocks slide into a tight virgin butt and hear that oh so sweet moaning, you will LOVE this one.  Leave Tommy boy some love here.  I know he'll be reading this.  Tell him how much you want him back, cuz we sure-as-fuck do!  Tommy, we love you man and really want to see you again SOON!

Just The Tip Dude teaser

There's nothing better than a masculine, hairy, lean, tattoo-covered top that is willing to let you at least stick the tip of your cock in his delicious hole!  Just the tip!  Oh wait; the only thing better is when he says, "Hmmm that feels good, stick it in deeper!"  Meet our buddy, Joey.  He's been a good friend of a few years now.  He wanted to get into our bed and knew that the only way was to do a video.  He was never a fan of bottoming and still prefers to top, but now he's opening up (heh) to flip flopping.  All you tops out there can thank us for turning Joey into a verse top.  And trust me, if you're lucky enough to meet up with Joey and his amazing ass, you won't regret it.  Oh, and did we mention his HUGE delicious cock!?!  Yes, this is one hot boy and we bet he won't be single for long after this video.

We love you Joey and you are welcome back anytime!

xo Cole and Hunter

You can hit up Joey on ManHunt, search for "inked_jock".

Muscle Hole: When Muscle Bears Attack, part 2 teaser

You guys seem to really love those big hairy muscle beasts we shot for the video, When Muscle Bears Attack - its one of the most popular MaverickMen Directs videos yet!  You'll remember in that video our hot muscle bear couple gang-banged our muscle buddy, Benny G.  Poor Benny couldn’t walk straight for a week after that dynamic duo dick down.  After I discovered that these guys are a real-life couple, I wanted to see the chemistry and connection they obviously had for each other.  So, we filmed them working out and they worked up a nice sweat for us.  I turned the heat up by adding a few other muscle jocks in the back ground to get the bears all worked up.  Benny G and Carter volunteer to squat over their faces and let them lick their sweaty muscle asses.  It was so hot that Hunter and I had to pull out our cocks during filming a few times, lol.  The big hairy Lain bull whipped out a 12” long and impossibly-thick dildo to fuck his tall handsome tattoo-covered lover in the ass.  The stud took every inch up his hairy muscle hole.

Xo Hole and Cunter

Boys and Their Toys teaser

Here’s something a little different.  How so you ask?  Well, as you know we are interested in all things sexual and fun.  So, as a special treat for you little kinky toy lovers out there we've decided to explore some kinky stuff.  In addition to our regular hot fuck videos, our new of line MaverickMen Directs videos will explore all kinds of fun fetishes and sexual situations.  These topics may not normally be our cup of tea but we're open to exploring and eager to learn about all things sexual.  You might already know super sexy, Trent Diesel.  He's a now-retired gay for pay porn star.  Woof!  What a hot boy.  We asked him to let us stick a big black inflatable dildo up his ass.  Wow!  Haha, yup we helped Trent go from a tight end to a wide receiver in fifteen minutes flat, lol.  We started out by showing Trent what we intended to stick into his man hole.  After his slack jawed expression changed to a more confident one, we lubed the sucker up and stuck it in.  He was moaning and squirming like a big cat in heat.  We took control of the pump and filled his hungry hole.  We were both hard as we watch this hot man butt action.  Trent stroked out a big fucking load.  

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