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Dick Down In The Dunes teaser

Hope you all are having a great holiday week!  As you all know, tis the season for making love and sharing with the special people in your life.  So, naturally we decided to share this nasty hot GEM of a video with you all.  This video features one of our most popular blue-eyed buds - sexy, horse-hung, Davis.  We were missing our boy Davis so much that we decided to go visit him in Florida where we spent a few days in the sun fucking, sucking, licking, rimming, cuming and every other possible thing we could do on some of the local beaches and dunes in southern Florida.  My ass was sun-burnt after this beach fuck session, lol.  It was windy while we were there and I am sorry if some of the beach footage is a little noisy (it's not that bad).  We were literally getting blown all over the beach.  You guys will love the scenes while driving naked in the truck.  And your really going to love the hard-core beautiful penetration shots in this sticky yummy video.

Cole and Hunter

Mikey Likes It and Twink Dink teaser

We were going thru some old footage and discovered these two random hot gems from our early exploits. These are pretty damn hot, but they're not ass-fuck videos - just about everything except fucking. So, we decided to give our fans a two-for-one. The first video in this special DOUBLE BUBBLE BUTT feature is this straight guy named, Mikey. OnTheHunt hired us to do some filming for them in Atlanta. We ambushed this straight guy in our truck and make him stroke-out one right there and then. Man am I glad we did. Mikey had just been on a run and he was all sweaty and smelly, so hot! It was supposed to be just a stroke video but Hunter and I couldn’t help ourselves and we had to taste his fat cock with a thick mushroom head. If you like straight guys jerking off you will enjoy this one. In the second video, we met this guy that just randomly showed up to the shoot to meet a friend that was there helping out. He was sweet and cute with a FAT uncut cock. He shot out gobs of hot cum. It's an epic cum shot! There was no time to get him tested so we didn't fuck. We ate his little hairless hole and face fucked him and taught him how to rim and eat ass. Hope you enjoy this double feature.

xoxox Cole and Hunter

Violate My Hole teaser

Hope you're all having a great day because it's about to get better.  Recently, we've gotten a few emails from guys asking why we are so very rough in our videos.  Well honestly, Hunter and I like, no LOVE hard-core sex!  We want it aggressive, dirty-talking, sweat-inducing, hair-grabbing, cock-slapping, tell-your-mama-you-ain't-comin-home screwing!  But we never really take it to that level because it takes a good bottom boy that gets it - a good bottom boy like Ray.  

Ray LOVES it HARD, MEAN and ROUGH.  We violated his hole.  And we loved every sweet, sweaty second of it.  But you should know; we use the tap-out method: if the bottom wants it all to stop, all he has to do is tap us anywhere on our bodies and it ends.  Just thought we should share that for those of you who were worrying about our bottom boys.  So, that said, you wan to see more violator sex?

xo Cole and Hunter

Fun with Frat Boy teaser

Since we've now broken the 100 video release mark on our site, we thought we'd dive deep into the MM vault in search of something very special. And I think we've found it! What better way to celebrate this milestone than with a never-before seen Frat Boy Bradley video!? In fact, I think this was the second video he ever did with us. This video is a classic fun, sweaty, ass-eating, blow job-giving, ass-fucking good time. This one is over six years old and Bradley looks HOTTER than ever in it. We were just hanging with Bradley not too long ago and man has he grown into a HOT furry man. He's no longer a MAN-BOY; Bradley is now a MAN-OTTER, lol. I'm hoping that once he sees this video he'll get nostalgic and come back for another MaverickMen fuck-filled video. Bradley, if you're reading this, we love you a ton! (but you already knew that).

xo Cole and Hunter

Get It In teaser

Yes!  I'm very happy to tell you that Clark came back for some more MaverickMen loving!  Clark is a beautiful man and we really love him.  He's so sweet and chill and just easy to be around.  Unfortunately for us, he lives several states away so we don’t get to see him as often as we'd like to (like every day!!).  Since this was our second video with Clark, we wanted it to be extra special so we took him to Gay Days Disney for a week!  We had a fucking BLAST!  It was Clark's first time at the magic kingdom and he was like a kid in a candy shop.  He was smiling from ear to ear the whole time, especially when we all got hot sweaty and naked, lol.  You guys will love this sweat-soaked, red-hot fuck video with all the aggression and hard fucking that you have cum to expect.  The best part of this video is knowing that Clark was having the hottest time of his fucking life.  Only someone that is truly hardcore would come back for a second helping of hot ass punishment.  Clark if you're reading this; we LOVE you sexy man!  Let us know when you want to come visit again.

xoxo Cole and Hunter

Dante's Sperm Inferno teaser

I hope you're ready to squirt a big one because we have a hot tall lean masculine bisexual guy for your viewing and wanking pleasure! Dante is a cute local teenage bud from our neighborhood and he's been a long-time bisexual fan of the site. He even claims that he used to watch us with his ex-girlfriend, lol. Now, THAT I would have loved to see. I know you guys are going to love this boy. He is VERY into us in this video and it shows, especially when you hear him yelling, "YES SIR fuck that ass!" One of the best moments in this video is when I told Dante to lick Hunter's hairy ass and he said, "Sorry I don’t do that,” then I said, "Well you do now so, eat it!" He ate butt for the first time and his comment after is priceless! If you like hard deep penetration and a yes-sir disposition, you will love this one. Leave this newbie some love. He is a super sweet fun hot boy and we want him back for more so show him some fan love.

xoxo Cole and Hunter

Sexy Little Beast teaser

So after getting THE MOST COMMENTS under any video that we've ever posted, we've finally come up with a name for this incredibly hot video!  We're calling it, SEXY LITTLE BEAST! And the reason is simple; because that’s what Minh is, a sexy little fuck beast, lol.  We had such a fun amazing time with Minh and his hot little ripped body.  Our smoking-hot fuck session with him was so awesome that we almost didn't let him leave.  He would make the perfect snuggle/slam puppy.  There's something about a hot, sweet, tight-bodied, chill, intelligent, funny, horny guy that makes us smile.  I promise that you'll LOVE this video.  The sex is hard, raw, aggressive and nasty!  We really connected with Minh.  His moaning and whimpering and growling and "yes sir" mentality is such a turn on.  You will bust a nut the first time you see us penetrate his sweet little hole.  Leave some love for our sexy little beast buddy, Minh.  We have much love and respect for him and hope he'll cum back for more soon.

Brutal Fuck teaser

This video is pretty hard core and might not be for everyone.  A lot of you may not know this but Hunter and I LOVE to brutally penetrate straight “gay-for-pay” guys that work in the porn industry.  Yup, it's true; just ask Carter and Benny G, lol.  There are a few glaringly-obvious things we've discovered about fucking men: when it comes to bottoming, both straight and gay-for-pay guys are big pussy cry babies and real-deal gay boys are tough as nails and beg for more!  I’ve said it a million times and I will say it again, "it takes a REAL MAN to take a cock in the ass!"  

I say all this because in this video, we had our gay-for-pay buddy Roman come over to fuck.  And no we did not pay him to be in this video; he was part of a deal we had with OnTheHunt - they hired us to film some content for them and in exchange we could have our pick of the models to fuck.  Since we hit it off with Roman and we loved his hot ripped Italian muscle body, we decided to nail his sweet hairy hole.  Man oh man was he a PUSSY!  He was yelling and screaming and crawling away from us throughout the entire fuck session!  You guys will love the dialogue in this video and you will LOVE the nasty raw hot slippery hole fucking and close up penetration shots.  Let us know your thoughts on straight men doing gay-for-pay stuff.  We'd love to hear what you think.   

XO Cole and Hunter

Chris Crocker Fuck It! teaser

Here it is: the highly anticipated Chris Crocker FUCK IT video!  Since we started teasing about it, Hunter and I have been inundated with requests to show this video.  Apparently there are a lot of Chris Crocker fans out there that are just itching to see him get dicked-down by us!  Now you’ll see us nail Chris and Justin together, you’ll also see Chris pound-down Justin.  Not only is the sex hot; it’s also pretty hilarious and very  We had a blast making this one.  The time we spent with the boys was so much fun.   
Let us know what you think.  I know the boys will be reading all your comments so show them some love!  
xoxox Cole and Hunter

Pool Party Gang Bang teaser

This is the newest MaverickMen Directs video called, Pool Party Gang Bang.  It has lots of fun and funny moments with hot guys but the best part is the rough ass-fucking, throat-slamming, cum-eating action.  I know you guys will love this, leave some comments here if you want to see more gang bang videos and let us know who you want to see more of.

Thanks for stroking with us and stay tuned for more MaverickMen Directs stuff,

Cole and Hunter

71 - 80 of 167