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Raw in Rio teaser

Okay, all you Brazilian-lovers out there that have been begging to see this Virgin Cherry Pop video from our visit to Rio de Janeiro; here it is!  This video just exudes sex as it has the makings of a MaverickMen classic; exotic location with amazing beaches and Thiago, our beautiful and masculine eighteen-year old Brazilian virgin.  You’re going to love Thiago.  He is lean, tan, hung and has one of the most beautiful virgin asses we’ve had the pleasure of popping.  Hunter could not stop fucking this kids hot lips and eating his ass.  I literally had to pull him off Thiago’s ass just to get a turn at him, lol.  And I loved (loved!) fucking him almost as much as I loved eating his little virgin ass while hearing him squeal.  It usually takes me forever to cum when I’m fucking but when I slipped my fat cock into Thiago’s tight little hole, his moaning and whimpering sent me thru the roof.  We both ended up blasting our loads at the same time; I was fucking him doggie and he was beating his fat uncut cock.  As soon as he started cuming, I pulled-out and stood-up on the bed and came all over the back of his head and back.  Mmmm mmm!  My cock is hard just writing this!  But yes, please enjoy this amazing Virgin Cherry Pop video and leave our boy Thiago some love under this post.

xoxox Cole and Hunter

Return of Riley teaser

Riley is BACK and hotter than ever!  About three years, ago we did a seriously HOT nasty, sweaty, aggressive fuck video with Riley called, Ramming Riley.  We had just met him then and he was a newbie sex pup with a lot to learn.  The one thing he knew he loved was aggressive men and that’s what we gave him; hard and verbally dominate ass fucking.  He loved it then and he still loves and craves it now.  

Riley is now three years older and more physically fit with a hot six-pack, hard, round hairy ass and strong legs.  His tight and fit body was ripe for for another hot and hard fuck video. We were pumped that Riley asked to come back and shoot another video with us.  You will love watching us own his sexy ass.  We couldn't get enough of eating the fuck out of his little muscle butt.  His delicious ass and big thick cock kept us busy for hours.  You'll love all the beautiful penetration shots and awesome cum shots in this vid!  Leave Riley some love under this post and tell him to cum back and make more videos with us!

Fuck Me, Sir teaser

We've been getting a lot of emails asking us to bring Chris Ryder back.  Duh!  We've got no problem with that!  We LOVE us some Chris, lol.  Y'all should remember Chris from his wildly-popular videos with us, Lean Mean Chocolate Teen and Chocolate Cream Teen.  It seems that a lot of you just love to see us do the reverse oreo thing, especially with hot hung twinks like Chris.  He is definitely one of our favorite fuck buddies.  He knows how to give head and take dick like a champ!  Chris is a vers top and has the fuck stick to prove it.  He's shy at first but when you get his thick, nine inch beautiful ebony joy stick all rock hard and dripping precum he comes right out of his shell.  As a general rule, we don’t like double penetrating guys because with one wrong move and you can end the fucking for the night.  And when we do it, we usually like to dp at the end of our fuck session.  Well with Chris he insisted that we do it in the middle of our fucking and man he LOVED it (almost as much as we did)!  Feeling my cock in his tight little hole as Hunter slid his fat cock in against mine was enough to make me blast my load right then and there, but we opted to hold off on the squirting until we completely ravaged sexy Chris Ryder's ass to the fullest extent permitted by MaverickMen law, lol.  You're going to love this gem.  I know this is a great fuck video because I had to beat off several times while editing it and that's always a good sign.

Hole Openers teaser

Our boy Danny is back and ready for more MaverickMen ass loving!  This is a video shot from Danny's last visit and I have to be honest; I totally forgot we even had this gem of a fuck flick.  Apparently, I misplaced the chip but thanks to Hunter's eagle eye we found it.  When we started watching the content on the chip we both got instantly hard and we blew each other while watching the various clips.  This is a hot one!  Immediately, (after getting blown) I sat down and edited this to share with you horny little piggies.  Get out the spooge rags and enjoy this hard core hole opening video!

Erik and the Bum Bandits teaser

Grrrrrrrrrrrr, hi guyz!  We are very excited to share this video with you!  After years of trying, we were finally able to get our long-time fuck buddy Erik to do a video with us.  We met Erik years ago and became fuck buddies.  For the longest time, all we did with him was oral play, rimming, and hot-fun role play but NEVER fucking.  Until now; Erik finally gave up his beautiful blond peach fuzz-covered muscle ass to us!  In this vid, you'll see us fuck his beautiful white-boy ass for the very first time.  It's always so hot when we get to fuck a real top.  Erik had only been fucked two times before us, so it was all most a virgin cherry pop, lol.  There's one moment in particular where you'll KNOW he's a top at heart.  He was sitting on my cock and the little fucker reaches back and sticks his finger in my asshole.  I almost went thru the roof!  You're def going to shoot big time to this guy.  Erik is naturally sexy and he's very comfortable in front of the camera.  His sexy smile and beautiful eyes really shine in this hot fuck video (not to mention his HUGE fuck stick!).  We sucked on that beast cock like it was our job (it kinda is!).  We always like fooling around with Erik but we especially enjoyed this session.  Pounding-out this top-boy with a perfect muscle ass was a long time coming.  You guys are going to love this loud and sweaty three way.  Leave Erik some love here under this teaser.  I KNOW he'll be reading the comments to see what you guys have to say.  And YES; he is single!

Bustin Justin Wide Open teaser

This seems to be a video that a LOT of you have been emailing us about.  We posted a teaser clip of Justin and did a few vines with him during his visit last year.  Those vine videos were inundated with requests for MORE MORE MORE!  So, here he is…. Justin Maxxx!  He hit us up and asked to be in a video.  After getting to know him, and after drooling over his cute ass nice cock and sexy eyes we decided to give it a go.  I mean how could we resist; he is a cute and sexy all-American boy with an appetite for man sex, lol!  It also seems that he is determined to be in porn since he loves to post vine videos of himself doing various hot fucking things!  Checkout his vine videos and I’m sure you will fall in love with his sexy wise-ass persona.  There's nothing like meeting a cute wise ass, and fucking him humble.  We hope he'll cum back for more.

Little T Collection teaser

Hey guys, Hunter and I know you will LOVE this very special directors cut of the little T  videos, this rare collection is a must see for any fan of our videos J  most of this amazing footage has never been featured on It’s special for a few reasons, FIRSTLY because it is soooo fucking hot but also because it was some of the very first three-way footage we filmed. In this long sticky hot video you will see three separate hook up sessions with sexy Little T, he is a beautiful tight bodied hung twink with a serious appetite for some MaverickMen loving lol IHunter and I have always said little T was some of the hottest fucking we have ever had with a video pal. I’m sure  you will recognize some of the iconic moments in these fuck great videos. There’s a reason they are so recognizabl…it’s because they are FUCKING HOT lol

Dannys Forest Fuck teaser

Our sexy fuck friend Danny is back for more.  He just cant seem to get enough Maverick cock in his sweet little ass.  For this return visit we wanted to show him a really good time,  His ultimate fantasy was to have sex outside in nature in a place where you might get caught.  We drove up the coast to Maine and pulled off in a rural park area to see if we could find a hot spot.  We pulled off to a rest stop and had a little fun making him blow us as he knelt by the urinals.  We took him deep into the forest to fuck his sweet little ass.  Oh man, we really violated his tight hairy hole while up against those trees, down in the dirt, and in every conceivable woodland nook imaginable.  I came so hard and loud from fucking his ass that my moaning attracted the attention of near by hikers.  If you’re a fan of deep, hard, ass fucking outside in the thick of nature, this will really get you off.  

Happy Stroking,

Cole and Hunter

The Carter Administration teaser1

Hey guys, this is a super special video with our favorite stud muffin, Carter Jacobs.  We LOVE us some Carter, lol.  For the life of me I couldn't come up with a title for this vid so we asked our webmaster Gary and he came up with the GEM of a title, The Carter Administration. You will love this sweat-soaked sticky fuck video; it’s a real voyeurs look into a crazy typical night out with us.  We take a late-night skinny dip with Carter and some friends, have some super fun car sex, and then eventually rent a hotel room and have a hot gang bang.  YES we were a little drunk and that just added to the nasty hot sex we all had.  We had a friend or two tag along to add to the fun so you'll see a random hung buddy of ours jump into the mix.  I love watching Carter's straight boy persona melt away as he gets buzzed.  This is particularly evident in the way he passionately kisses us both as we fuck his tight muscle butt.  WOOF!  There's nothing like watching a jacked-up, tat-covered, straight boy embrace man on man action.  You will LOVE watching us fuck Carter's sweet muscle ass and man handle him into ecstasy.  Let us know if you want to see more Carter and tell us why you love him so much.

xoxox Cole and Hunter

Jumbo Cock Bubble Butt teaser

WOOF!  There's just nothing better than a 6’5" tall and 250 pound guy with a HUGE cock and big ass!  We've had our BIG BOY Leeam over a few times and this was one of the first vids we did with him.  He's such a big sweetie!  He told us that whenever he meets guys they automatically want him to dominate them because he's so tall and has a moose cock, lol.  But as much as he enjoys topping, he has always enjoyed getting a good MaverickMen ass pounding.  Originally, this video was supposed to be just a solo (jerk off) cuz he said he wasn’t in the mood, but after we started teasing him we got him in the bottoming zone.  We were so excited that we didn’t even take the time to fully undress him; we just ripped his jeans down to his work boots and started licking and fingering his hole till we couldn’t wait any longer.  Hunter just hefted his size fourteen boots up in the air and stuck it in and started railing the kid!  I jumped in and gave him such an ass pounding that he couldn’t cum, claiming that I over stimulated his prostate.  To help him out, I gave him a nice wet sloppy BJ till he squirted all over my face.

71 - 80 of 195