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Never too Drunk to Fuck a Hungry Hole teaser

Get ready to explode! You are in for a rare treat; a never-before-seen Davis video!  I just discovered this lost gem in the MaverickMen video vault. A few years back, Hunter and I went roaming the US on an adventure during which we paid a visit to our hot and hung, blue-eyed beauty, Davis.  We spent the weekend sucking, fucking, and drinking beer.  We all had a good buzz going and one thing let to another and yes you guessed it; we ran out of lube!  And surprisingly, that’s when all the fun started.

Young Buck Ass Fuck teaser

Our little horse-cocked Archer is back and hotter than ever!  This visit he spent several days with us and we had a really hot time hanging out and and sucking dick poolside.  But, this adorable and shy puppy wasn't happy just chilling out; he wanted to get plowed and at any possible moment!  Always happy to please, we gave this eighteen year-old exactly what he wanted; rough, dirty-talking man sex!  After teasing Archer a bit, we made him go to town on our cocks and assholes.  A good bottom boy always licks his top's asshole.  We took turns nailing Archer's furry little butt and after we blasted our loads all over his hole and tongue we took him back to our place and made him shoot his sticky delicious load.

Stuffing Teddy teaser

Yummy, yummy, yummy is all I can say about our bisexual beauty boy, Teddy from Chicago! We were in Chi a while back when we met Teddy on the street where he was sitting with a cute young girl.  Hunter and I were both transfixed watching Teddy and his GF rolling around on the park lawn.  Haha and yes, we sat close-by like a couple of creepers!  And it worked!  Teddy kept checking us out and shooting us smiles.  I can smell a horny boy a mile away and Teddy was on my radar.  Turns out that Teddy is proudly bisexual and he and his girlfriend are fans of our site!  We sat down and chatted up the lovely couple.  His girl was much cooler than we could have ever imagined and she suggested that we fulfill Teddy's fantasy of bottoming for us.  But, there was a hurdle ahead of us; Teddy's fear of the camera.  So, after much negotiating, we came to an agreement that would make everyone happy; we would not show his face in the teaser or blog images (his face appears throughout in the full vid).  In my opinion it was WELL worth it.  Teddy is truly a perfect specimen from head to toe.  He's Italian and Irish with beautiful blue eyes, tan skin, and adorable freckles.  He's ripped with a HUGE cock and amazingly furry butt.  It was a pleasure stuffing our fat cocks into that beautiful muscle ass.  Teddy admitted to us that his girlfriend uses a dildo and her fingers on him as he fucks her so it wasn’t that traumatic to take us railing him good.  Woof!

Spit-Fucking Straight Boy teaser

Back by popular demand is our super hot and straight-ish boy toy, Tom.  We invited him over for some chill time by the pool but we had an ulterior motive; we wanted to get naked with him and rail his sweet, tight ass.  Fortunately for us, Tom said we was missing on us big time and he was in serious need for our hard cocks in his ass.  Bingo!  We started pool-side with some good old sloppy wet head and then it quickly moved into me eating his sweet ass while Hunter 69’ed with him.  We took things indoors for some hard ass pounding, but we ran into some trouble; Tom didn't like the lube we were using on him and said it was burning his hole.  So, we showered him down and kicked-back for a bit.  Tom was still craving our dicks.  He told us to lick his hole and get it sloppy-wet so we could finish pounding his pucker.  Tom loved every inch.  Who knew that spit-fucking straight ass could be so fun?

Fuck Me Where It's Warm teaser

Hunter and I were enduring the FREEZING cold and blizzards of Boston with our best bud Vic. We were having lots of fun frolicking in the snow, getting naked, and having some laughs.  But that got old/COLD really fast.  Vic had the awesome idea of escaping the frozen tundra of Boston to spend some time on the nude beaches of south Florida.  Vic’s wish is our command, so we flew down for a week with Vic where we went nude sun bathing and skinny dipping, and plenty of fucking!  We had some hot car sex and when we got back to our room, Vic literally locked us in with him and went to town on us.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again; this guy is the best sex ever!

Training Kyle teaser

Virgin Cherry Pop videos have a very special place in my heart and pants.  This video is extra special because in it we have a big, tall, bearded eighteen year-old virgin that’s eager to be trained.  We taught tall Kyle EVERYTHING from how to kiss a man to how to bottom and deep throat.  He is truly an eager learner and loves sex.  His ass is solid gold.  After all the training, I think we’ve discovered that Kyle is more of a top than a bottom.  Leave Kyle some love here under this post.  If you want him back, let us know.

Just Spit on My Hole and Fuck Me teaser

Woof!  We met Andrew last year at a house party and he was super sweet and polite and has the most beautiful big blue eyes and adorable smile.  Hunter and I wanted to eat him the fuck UP right there.  He said he was a big fan and would love to be in a video with us.  After a short chat, we found out that he had done a few porn videos before.  This could not have been more perfect.  We hung out for a while and made a connection and we kept in touch with Andrew for over a year.  We reconnected in Florida to finally shoot that vid and man-o-man did we have a good time.  I have to be honest; during the first part of this video we were all pretty buzzed, and as such, Hunter and I were a BIT rough on the poor boy.  We eventually all passed out and continued it the next day.  We knew we REALLY liked Andrew when the next morning he asked for more of the same.  The boy loves his sex aggressive.  As I said earlier, “Woof!”

PJ Fuck Day teaser

Yes!  Our sexy-as-fuck, donkey-dicked buddy PJ is back and hotter than ever!  We took PJ to a crowded after-hours party and we were horny as fuck so the three of us slipped into a bathroom to get it on.  We sucked each others cocks, made out, and ate ass all in this tight spot (see pics).  Then, we moved it back into pool since the party was dying down.  We did some skinny dipping and then went home to crash for the night.  First thing in the AM we fucked like horny beast!  PJ is a fountain of sexy and there’s never a dull moment with him.  He climbed on and rode our cocks like a bucking bronco.  We rolled around and fucked some more till we all blasted thick loads.  Do leave some love for PJ under this post and tell him to come back for more!

Best Sex Ever teaser

Once in a blue moon you might meet someone as special as our new friend, Victor.  I called this video “Best Sex Every” for good reason; we have literally been having the BEST sex ever with out new boy-toy deluxe.  Vic is a true versatile top with a voracious appetite for all things Maverick.  He’s twenty years old and as smart as a whip and sexy as the night is long.  He knows exactly what he wants and he goes for it - and eats it the fuck up!  Turns out that Vic not only wants to star in videos but he’s eager to be part of running the site.  So, now have a kick-ass (with a delicious ass) production assistant whenever we need help.  Get ready to see some serious chemistry.  The three of us click in bed in a big way and with that comes undeniable nasty-hot passion.  Leave our boy Vic some love under this post.  Do you want to see more videos of us with him? 

Friends with Benefits teaser

This special video has been a long time cumming, almost four years to be exact.  We have been friends with our boy Tommy for a while now and we've noticed that anyone that meets Tommy immediately falls in love with his hot tats, big sexy eyes, and hilarious sense of humor.  If all that doesn't win you over, his big fat cock surely will.  WOOF!  We shot a stroke video of Tommy last year and it was super hot but we haven't posted it yet as we've been waiting for that ass, lol.  Tommy has finally gave us a big hairy piece of his delicious beefy ass.  Once we finally got in his very tight hole, it was all moaning and sweating and cumming.  He's a great kisser with hot oral skills.  That boy can suck a mean dick, for sure.  You'll absolutely love the fuck scenes in this nasty gem of a video.  I have to stress that Tommy LOVES to top but now for some reason he also really enjoys bottoming.  You're welcome Tommy, and thank you.

11 - 20 of 171