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Breed My Hairy Italian Hole teaser

This is our sexy friend, Frankie Delmarco. You can't go wrong with a verse and hung Italian stallion. He spent the weekend with us fucking, sucking, eating ass and getting filled up. We shot a few more with Frankie and we can't wait to share them all. Hey Keenan, thanks for lending us your hot lover. He's as fun and sexy as you are!

Pop My Porn Cherry teaser

Shooting with other open couples is one of our favorite things. It all began with Keenan’s lover Frankie contacting us to see if we’d be into shooting. Once we started chatting and sexting with Frankie we instantly knew he was a perfect match for us. He’s an Italian stud with a handsome face, big dick, hairy muscle bum and a sweet personality. Perfecto!

After Frankie got to know us better, he suggested that we also shoot scenes with his lover, Keenan. The pictures and video from this scene speak for themselves; Keenan is absolutely beautiful. Everything about him is extremely sexy but his gorgeous furry muscle ass is jaw-dropping hot! We’re excited to introduce you all to Keenan and Frankie. They each came out and spent a few days with us and we shot multiple scenes with each of them.

Little Ginger Jock teaser

We are so lucky to have met sexy fuck Levi, As u see here in this video, he is perfect for us lol he is a sex fiend just like us and enjoys every minute of being naked….In all honesty, he has been such a blast to get to know, he lives in our area so we get to see him and play with him all the time, he is literally a Maverick after our own hearts, horny, fun, open, and just a good fun guy to get naked with, especialy when we shoot with him…Recently he’s been working out with Hunter to get in tip top shape, and as u can imagine, its been FUN:) Levi is yet another adult model that decided to take on our last name for his porn adventures lol talk about a super flattering compliment. You guys will LOVE this video--it's sweaty, hot, nasty, and super spontaneous, just the way we like it.

Twink Spit Roast teaser

Nothing hotter than an eager twink looking to get spit roasted by two top daddies. Jack Bailey is an all-American, blonde hair and blue eye, apple-pie kinda guy that you want to eat up and get deep inside of, so naturally we did. We loved having Jack come shoot with us! He’s a tall and lean sweetheart. We shot three videos with him and each is nasty and aggressive and hot; just the way Jack requested they be. 

Fuck Em All! A Bisexual Tale teaser

As you all know bi-now, this is our very first bisexual video. I'm one-hundred percent certain that straight or gay, you'll all love this hot gem. We met the hottie guy in this vid when his hottie girl drove him over to our house for us to have our way with him. That led to us getting to know her better and eventually, all four of us got down and dirty and loved every wet and sticky minute of it! In this vid you'll see guys eating man ass while fucking girl pussy, guys eating girl pussy while fucking man ass - no hole was left unstuffed, lol. We really had a lot of fun getting to know these two and shooting the vids that we did. We hope you all enjoy this "hole" new adventure.

Hole Punishment teaser

I’m really excited to introduce you all to, Hunter. Yes Hunter, not my Hunter, but Hunter Greys. I've been chatting with him for about a year now and we finally had the chance to fly him in for several days of filming fun.
This guy fit in PERFECTLY between us! Hunter has THE BEST personality, he's a kinky fucker, and he has all the building blocks to make us crazy; a cute face, a tight hard body, a BIG cock, and a sweet piece of hairy ass pie. My Hunter had his face in Hunter's gorgeous butt pretty much the entire time he was visiting us. We did things with this guy in three days that we haven’t really done with any other. You'll love this video and the others to come with Hunter. Have fun watching us use and punish him in the bad boy shed.

xoxo Cole and Hunter

Ride Em Raw teaser

FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Is all I can say about this sexy fucking fuck Milo, he is a delicious beauty, tall, lean, hard beautiful 6 pack, big cute feet, a SWEET round ass and nice thick uncut cock, mmm. This was a fun hook up, I can’t really call it a video because it felt more like a fun sex date haha he came to visit and stayed with us a few days. We really connected with his chill nice vibe, he will be back to shoot more videos with us for sure. We both loved how TIGHT his hole was it was so tight that we let him use our hard cocks as tools lol, he climbed up on top of us, lubed our fuck sticks up, and slowly got used to them opening him up, then BAM! He was riding us like a horny little stallion lol I know you will enjoy watching us fill his sweet tight hole up with massive loads.

Spit & Sit teaser

Wats up horny fuckers, I hope covid lockdown isn’t getting you down. But just in case, here is another fun, super HOT fuck video to help you pass the time. You guys must know by now just how much we love a round hard, hairy, muscular peach! Especially when it's attached to a beautiful guy, I'm talking about a serious “man ass”. Our favorite porn pal, Tyler has got that kind of ass and more. He’s cute, he’s sexy, he’s tight, he’s skilled and he loves the cock! I mean CUM ON! Talk about a dream boy, Hunter and I Hope you enjoy this super hot video. We sure enjoyed making it and obviously we enjoyed filling up his holes with our loads, we like to hear from you guys so leave a comment, tell us if you want to see more in our videos :)

Fuck Me In The Back Yard Teaser

Hey guys we know you are going to love this one, we finally invited our delivery twink over to deliver his hot tight package of peaches and to help us out with our fully loaded blue balls. Much to our delight, he was eager to help us deal with these big creamy pent up loads. He told us he had one condition if we wanted his help: IF we wanted his holes, we would have to fuck him outside, in a place where we might get seen, some guys love that stuff lol. Since we are nice guys, we said sure no problem, so we feed him our cocks in our yard. Then, when things started to get crazy, I carried him over my shoulder to the sweltering hot tool shed where we started to get it in deep and hard, and I’m happy to say, we used only our spit and sweat as lube. Woof! After sweating like a couple of whores in church, we took his sweet little ass into the house where it was much cooler and boned him on the stairs, filling his hot little hole with our loads. Enjoy!

Get That In My Ass teaser

Here is some tight hairy man poon for your mastabatory needs! We recently got together with our sexy cute buddy, Chase. We just love the fact that he just loves it rough, raw and sweaty. His hard body and fury little muscle ass is one of the tightest holes we have ever had the pleasure of fucking. Hunter was so turned on that he blasted in his hole twice. I came deep in him then went for round two, feeding him a thick load. You guys will love this nasty fuck session!

1 - 10 of 268